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Yocan UNI Pro


The Yocan UNI Pro Universal Portable Box Mod, the upgraded version ofYocan UNI Mod, comes with a patented universal width and height adjustable box mod that will work with all kinds of oil buckets.

The UNI Pro built-in with height slide matching all styles of oil buckets. You don't have to worry the bucket is too tall or too short; the UNI Pro will let you adjust the height to any oil buckets.

The Yocan Box Mod and the diameter adjustment dial design get a larger adjustable diameter up to 14mm.

WITH the UNI Pro built-in 650mah battery and various working voltage adjustable from 2.0V to 4.2V, press the " right " or " left " button to achieve your desired voltage accuracy to 0.1V difference.

The Yocan UNI Pro is equipped with the 10 second preheat function, which is best for preparing your materials before use. Click the power button two times will put the device in preheat mode; it will last for 10 seconds.

Press the power button 2times to deactivate the preheat function. The Uni-Pro Mod with the hanging hole, you can use with your lanyard or key ring, keeps your device safe and secure while providing the quick accessibility you need during the day or night. No worry about loss.

TheYocan UNI Pro Vapetakes the patented port design of the original UNI 650mAh Cartridge Battery. It incorporates a bright OLED display screen with precision output control for fine-tuned custom results.

Its innovative atomizer port can be changed in height and width using the dial/slider on the back of the device to match your cartridge's size perfectly.
Its size has been increased to match atomizers as large as 14mm in diameter, allowing you to use your entire collection of 510 oil atomizers with absolutely no issue.

Every kit includes the original UNI magnetic adapter that connects to the bottom of your cartridge and creates a strong, secure, and ultra-reliable connection to the battery. It's designed with four bottom airflow notches to accommodate all atomizer types.

The UNI Pro Vaporizer offers a much wider voltage range (2.0-4.2V) to vaporize your concentrated oils.
You can select anywhere within that range using precise 0.1V increments rather than relying on preset voltage levels, so your result will be exactly how you prefer.

You can make it extremely easy to configure your settings with the UNI's new 0.49" OLED screen. You can easily see your output levels, coil rating, session timer, and even your remaining battery life on this display.

It's conveniently controlled with a simple three-button interface that proves easy to operate for even the most novice users.
Use the top square power button to turn the device on or off by rapidly pressing it 5 times within 2 seconds.

After you have it turned on; you can select your voltage level using the bottom two arrow keys.
Press left to decrease or right to increase; after you have your ideal setting, the UNI Pro Vape will automatically remember and use that voltage the next time the device is powered on.

From there, just press/hold the power button to vape your cartridge for up to 15 seconds at a time.
You can also double click the power button to use the UNI Pro Vaporizer's cutting-edge preheat mode.

This uses a low voltage setting to warm your attachment for 10 seconds. This comes in handy before your first session when you're vaping in colder environments, heating thick waxy oils, or need to clear a clogged airflow.

At only about 3 inches tall by just under 1.4 inches wide, the UNI Pro Mod is not much larger than the original but includes way more to guarantee a great experience.

Grab yours in six sleek colors and enjoy your concentrates on the go discreetly anywhere using every atomizer you can find with no exceptions.


    • 650mAh UNI Mod with OLED Display
    • 100% Genuine Yocan Brand Guaranteed
    • Portable Size for Easy and Discreet Travel Use
    • Dimensions: 77.5mm x 36.5mm x 25.7mm
    • Patented Adjustable Cartridge Port Fits Every Cartridge Perfectly
    • Uses Dial and Slider to Customize Port Width and Height
    • Fits All 510 Oil Cartridges: 7-14mm Wide and No Height Limit
    • Includes 4-Notch Universal UNI Magnetic Adapter
    • Bright 0.49" Screen Displays Battery Life, Timer, Atomizer Rating, Voltage
    • Powerful 650mAh Lithium-ion Battery Lasts All Day Easily
    • Advanced Voltage Control: 2.0-4.2V (0.1V Increments)
    • Innovative Preheat Mode with 10 Second Duration
    • Convenient 3 Button Control Interface / Perfect for Beginners
    • Click Top Power Button 5 Times to Turn On/Off
    • Click Power Button 2 Times to Start Preheat Mode
    • Long Press Power Button to Heat Cartridge for Up to 15 Seconds
    • Use Bottom Arrow (- / +) Buttons to Select Voltage Level
    • Includes Atomizer Viewing Window to Easily When to Refill Next
    • Designed to be Compatible with Lanyards (not included)
    • Manufactured in 6 Unique Color Options


    • 1 x UNI Pro Mod 650mAh
    • 1 x Tall Magnetic Adapter
    • 1 x USB Charging Cable
    • 1 x User Manual

    More Options

    • Add eDab Cartridge Refill Kit: Everything you need to fill the store and transport your cartridges.
    • Add Extra Magnetic Adapter: Small and often easy to lose, grab some extras, and stay prepared for that worst-case scenario.
    • Add Vivant Vault Oil Cartridge: This top-quality refillable atomizer has a wide 14mm diameter with a large 1.0mL capacity and ceramic heating core for massive on-demand vapor.
    • Add Vivant Vault Wax Cartridge: Add to your order above and heat waxy oils on the go with amazing results. It uses a quartz dual rod coil with a built-in filling tool for an extremely convenient and satisfying experience every time.


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