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The Terpometer

The Terpometer Tool


Terpometer Tool

The Terpometer is the world’s first electronic essential oil application tool. The Terpometer’s LCD will show a heated surface temperature (Banger) in real-time!

The screen will illuminate green, suggesting the ideal time to apply extracts for optimal effects and flavor. The Terpometer truly provides the most precise technique to enjoy extracts. No more timers! No more guessing! No more rituals! 


  • PRECISE TECHNIQUE: The Terpometer is an essential oil application tool featuring the most precise technique for offering complete enjoyment
  • LCD DISPLAY: The Terpometer’s LCD will show the temperature of a heated surface (Banger) in real-time
  • ILLUMINATION: The screen will illuminate Green suggesting the ideal time to apply extracts for optimal effects and flavor
  • ENJOY EXTRACTS: It truly provides the most precise technique to enjoy extracts. So no more timers, guessing, or rituals – just precise control for a perfect experience.

Zach Brown Glass V2 Directional Cap

The Zach Brown Glass V2 Directional Cap features stringent quality control concerning seal and flow. Its design redirects the air passing through the cap and stirs essential oils inside the diffuser. It easily fits 25mm Basins and thermals giving you an amazing experience. 


  • Directional Flow
  • It easily fits 25mm basins
  • Redirects Air Passing through the Cap
  • Dimensions: 1.3 inches (H) x 4.15 inches (W) x 3.9 inches (L)
  • Weight: 1.12 ounces
  • Includes USA Manufacturer Guarantee.

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        Customer Reviews

        Based on 28 reviews
        Works like a charm

        Very satisfied, battery lasts for a week. Very convenient for dabbing. The tool on the other end is detachable and is built to stay clean.

        My second one, they’re great

        This is my second one, they really are helpful. Quick shipping and response.

        Great Product; Great Service

        I ordered the Terpometer for my boyfriend when he kept complaining his dabs were too hot. I looked online for some tools to help with this and the Terpometer Tool seemed like a good fit for his setup. I bought from Weedipedia because they had the best prices and the best stock availability. I purchased it on the 7th of December, right in the midst of the holiday rush. The communication about shipping was stellar. And it arrived by the 11th of December. Literally 4 days from ordering to receiving, and in great packaging/condition. He uses this tool daily now and really loves it. I would highly recommend it for someone looking for a solution to overtly hot/cold dabs. It is usable right out of the box. I purchased a magnetic stand for it from Etsy, which adds a nice display/storage for it when not in use. My overall experience was great and I will definitely use Weedipedia in the future for purchases like this one.

        Helped alot

        After getting this tool I was able to lessen the heat up time of my banger, dial in the correct low temp, and save oil by not under or over heating it. I got tbbe terpometer to also see if I could get a smoother hit; thus it has worked because I'm now taking low temp dabs.


        Took 2 weeks to arrive and I honestly didnt like it. Especially for the price. Sold it immediately to a buddy and took a loss