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    The Jane West Wand - Storage & One Hitter

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    Only Jane West could fit everything you need for , cleaning, and storing into a compact tool that looks like a tube of mascara. The top unscrews to reveal a built-in multitool that’s custom fitted to clean out the recessed Solo one hitter. The Solo is made of durable kitchen grade enamel with a heat resistant aluminum core, and its silver-tipped bowl is the perfect size for a quick two puff results break. The Wand and the Solo inside both have a signature soft square shape that prevents rolling and provides a satisfying, ergonomic hand feel. And the innovation doesn’t stop there. The silver square at the bottom of the Wand swivels open to reveal a storage chamber that holds a generous amount of flower. The Wand is an ingenious three in one tool that you’ll love even more than your favorite mascara. This product comes with a custom sized Jane West branded carrying pouch.

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