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Dr. Dabber

SWITCH: Skull Carb Cap


Our premium carb cap lineup is the limited edition Skull Carb Cap! Available in an array of color combinations, no two Skull Carb Caps are alike!

Hand-blown in the USA by our artisan blower, Vajra, the Skittles Carb Cap is the perfect accessory for the SWITCH user looking for more resistance and dense vapor.

Due to the nature of the hand-blown artisan Turtle Carb Cap, color/style will vary. Colors will be shipped at random; if you order more than one, we'll make sure you get different colors, but unfortunately, no special requests as this is a very limited item..

(All Skittles Carb Caps are hand-blown and may vary in size and color)


    • 1x Dr. Dabber Switch Skull Carb Cap


    • Fumed finish starts off
    • Hollow internals for more directional airflow
    • Larger, less dense aromatherapy hits with low resistance
    • Perfect accessory for the SWITCH users

    SWITCH: Skull Carb Cap 

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 22 reviews
    $hannon$. (Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania)
    The DR is in...

    Although I went from using a honey straw, and a propane torch; to using the Dr. Dabber Switch...I can't give it 5 stars because I feel it is too top-heavy and needs a counter-balance. I know they sell a 'base' separately, but since we are paying premium dollars for this product, I don't feel they should try and 're-sell' us a $20 base, (which I feel should be included). I would buy this over the Puffco, just because you don't have to buy coils for it. It works as advertised, and I would recommend this to anybody who wants to get the most out of their Dab.

    Jabme Amadeus Graphene Zombie (Waco, Texas)

    This is awesome. I'm giving it 5 stars even though I'm a little concerned about Weedipedia. This was my 3rd or 4th purchase here and the 1st time I had an issue. The glass was a little misshapen - both on the fat bottom part & the upper part that holds the cap. The cap we got was the style that came with the Switch when it first came out, not the spindle looking thick glass. The old cap I got is extremely fragile and I have superglued it 3 times already. The misshapen glass broke the 1st time it got tipped over on our wood table. I bought replacement glass from a different vendor due to the first one being misshapen and the cap being the old model. It was $20 cheaper and had free delivery but that isn't why I strayed. My replacement glass was a perfect fit for the bottom and the cap. It looks a lot stronger on the upper arm too. The Switch really is awesome and I didn't want to give it less than 5 stars because I got a 1st production run model (or reject). Weedipedia was way cheaper for the package but after paying for replacement glass- it's comparable to everybody else. Don't listen to the reviews about it not being that great for flower - it's awesome at that. I guess people didn't think it was terpy enough? I do, but then again I'm used to the Starry 3. Huge clouds for days - concentrates & flower. If I had it to do over again I'd buy separate and get the skinny glass that looks more like a traditional bong and the fate spindle cap. bah dah bop bop bah, I'm loving it

    Nathan Howard (Las Vegas, Nevada)
    Best e nail ever

    Great dab rig great shipping great pepole

    Austin Silva (Philadelphia, Pennsylvania)

    Dr. Dabber Switch

    Richard Minjarez (Broomfield, Colorado)
    Excellent erig

    Excellent device