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Dr. Dabber

Switch Quartz Induction Cup 1 Pack

The SWITCH Quartz Induction insert is made for use with oil; however, You can also use it for low heat dry materials. The solid quartz insert fits in the titanium induction cup (included) and can be used for optimal flavor.


  • Replacement Induction Cup for Dr. Dabber Switch
  • Authentic Dr. Dabber Accessory
  • Solid Quartz Insert Fits in the Titanium Induction Cup


  • 1 x Quartz Cup + Titanium Cup

Customer Reviews

Based on 21 reviews
$hannon$. (Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania)
The DR is in...

Although I went from using a honey straw, and a propane torch; to using the Dr. Dabber Switch...I can't give it 5 stars because I feel it is too top-heavy and needs a counter-balance. I know they sell a 'base' separately, but since we are paying premium dollars for this product, I don't feel they should try and 're-sell' us a $20 base, (which I feel should be included). I would buy this over the Puffco, just because you don't have to buy coils for it. It works as advertised, and I would recommend this to anybody who wants to get the most out of their Dab.

Nathan Howard (Las Vegas, Nevada)
Best e nail ever

Great dab rig great shipping great pepole

Austin Silva (Philadelphia, Pennsylvania)

Dr. Dabber Switch

Richard Minjarez (Broomfield, Colorado)
Excellent erig

Excellent device

Diamond Chau (Dallas, Texas)
Very very fragile

Sadly I used this cup once.. I tried to use the reverse tweezers and the cup was so slippery it fell down less than a foot and broke. Would recommend the siC cup over quartz since these are so fragile