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Storz & Bickel

Storz & Bickel Volcano Hybrid

The Volcano Hybrid vaporizer is the latest innovation from Storz & Bickel.

A new dual-inhalation system allows users to enjoy vapor with a classic balloon bag or whip delivery system.

Taking the Volcano Digit place, the Hybrid features a heat-up time that is 10 times faster, improved airflow, and a newly designed app for total control over your sessions.


The newly added hybrid inhalation system brings together Storz & Bickel’s balloon and classic whip-style inhalation.

Fill the balloon with the built-in air pump for those who want to enjoy the balloon delivery method.

Those who prefer whip-style vapor can expect resistance-free, silently draws directly from the Volcano Hybrid’s heating chamber.

Volcano vaporizers have always been known for their elite flavor production, and the new whip-style system manages to improve the flavor experience.

By drawing directly from the heating chamber, the vapor is delivered faster.


Instead of heating your material directly on the hot surface of the chamber, the Volcano Hybrid uses Storz & Bickel’s elite convection heating system.

Air is propelled through the vapor path by a 100-watt heater that extracts the essential flavors of your dry herb without combustion.

Convection heating is much smoother than conduction as the combustion risk is essentially zero.

Users will appreciate the Volcano Hybrid's smooth vapor as it is free of unwanted tastes or odors.


The Volcano Hybrid utilizes simple “+” and “-” buttons to help you dictate your ideal temperature.

A bright LED screen lets you know the exact temperature you’ve picked, as well as the temperature the vaporizer is at as it heats up.

Storz & Bickel engineered the Volcano Hybrid with a temperature range between 104 °F and 446 °F—delivering a full flavor spectrum.

Hybrid’s app compatibility allows you to manage your vaporizer from your phone easily.


    • 1x Storz & Bickel Volcano Hybrid Hot Air Generator
    • 1x Power Cord
    • 1x Easy Valve Balloon w/Adapter
    • 1x Tube Kit
    • 1x Filling Chamber
    • 1x Air Filter Set
    • 1x Herb Mill
    • 1x User Instructions
    • 3x Easy Valve Balloon w/Mouthpiece


    • Hybrid Inhalation System
    • Digital Display
    • App Compatibility
    • Pure Convection Heating
    • 100-Watt Heater
    • Dual-Use Vaporizer
    • 10x Faster Heat-Up Time

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 56 reviews
    Giovanni Ochoa (Anaheim, California)
    Storz&Bickel Volcano Hybrid

    Honestly it's pretty damn amazing, I've been using it daily. It's such a great savings on the bud cause one bowl could last like 5-6 bags. I'd definitely recommend

    Rick Hemmert (Cincinnati, Ohio)
    Big improvement

    Adding the whip is a game changer. Fast warmup. Would like back lit buttons and iPhone app, but worth the upgrade.

    Daniel Slayton (Huntington, West Virginia)

    Storz & Bickel Volcano Hybrid

    Christopher Zanotta (Quechee, Vermont)

    Delivery took longer than expected, but absolutely worth it for this awesome product. Very clean/enjoyable highs, and the flavor is phenomenal

    Todd Davis (Marblehead, Massachusetts)
    Mount Vapesuvius - a first time Volcano'er

    Weedipedia had 20% off the VH for 420 day this past month, which brought the price of the Hybrid down to the price of the classic, which is about as good a deal I think you'll find on brand new equipment, unless it fell off a truck.

    I vape daily. Most of the time I use oil carts/vape pen to smoke because they are quick, convenient and hit hard. But they taste weird at best, get gummy after a while, and lack the mellow high of flower. For flower, I typically use The Mighty. I like the mighty because it is powerful but still easy to use and carry. It is helpful to be able to dial in the temps. I mention all this just to give you a rough baseline of my tolerance and typical routines.

    Trying the Volcano for first time was a trip. The VH comes with a tube and mouthpiece for a single user, but I wanted to try the bag out, as that seemed like the most fun. The unit itself is a breeze to setup. Like all S&B products, it is super high quality, and you essentially can't put anything in backwards or upside down, etc. It is idiot proof, which is helpful when you are stoned.

    I set the Hybrid to 200c. On the mighty, from cold, it takes at least a minute to warm up to that temp. The VH was there in roughly 20 seconds. It was FAST. I think the most confusing part about using the VH is putting the flower in. Whereas most vapes have a small container for the herb, the VH instead has a rather large plastic circle with two mesh screens, and the material goes in between. The confusing part about this, as a new user, is how much to put in? How fast will it cook? How will I know when it is done?

    I chose to take a pinch of flower that looked to me to be about the size I'd put into my usual vape. Then I mounted the bag and pressed the button to inflate the bag. It is so exciting to see that bag inflate! The bag itself is made of a VERY crinkly plastic, so FYI. If small noises drive you crazy, this will make you insane. But for most people, the noise just adds to the fun.

    The vapor is not as visible as smoke would be, so sometimes, it can be hard to even tell if there is vapor in the bag. There is. And the first bag is usually the lightest in color. When you breathe it in, you'll get vapor. Promise.

    Using the bag was a lot of fun. Despite the fat that you are inhaling about a gallon of vapor in one shot, for me at least, it never felt as if my lungs were overloaded or burned. The vapor was cool, light, and easy to take in. It did change the high to something more mellow, but also more intense at the same time. And the flavor was almost non-existent, but certainly nice, not like the oil vapes with the sugary flavors.

    I've owned the machine for a few weeks now and I love it, but here is the thing. If you smoke alone 99% of the time like I do, then this is just sort of a waste of time, space, pot and money. Go get a Mighty or whatever floats your boat, because setting this up and using for a single person is just a little overkill in my opinion. It can certainly be done! I'm just saying that the same thing can also be done for a lot less.

    If however you like to vape with friends, or have just burned yourself out to the point where getting high is a challenge, this could be the vape for you.