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    RYOT Slym Case with SmellSafe & Lockable Technology

    RYOT Carbon Series Slym Case with SmellSafe & Lockable Technology #baggoals The ALL NEW Slym Case with X-Strap technology makes carrying your essential portables and accessories a breeze. Durable exterior weatherproof canvas fabric. Pack and Protect with RYOT. The SmellSafe Carbon Series incorporates extensive carbon fiber padding that both neutralizes and traps odors in its pores while our coated weather-proof fabric and moisture seal zipper provide a true physical barrier to keep odors in and the weather out. To re-activate the Carbon lining filters, simply put in the dryer for 5 minutes. Dimensions: 6x 3x 1.25 Secure moisture seal lockable zipper X-Strap technology Fresh pod included Coated weather proof fabric Black Manufacturer SKU: SSC-SLYM-BLK