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Puffco Peak Pro

The Puffco Peak Pro blows every other product out of the water, including its predecessor, the Puffco Peak.

As the most futuristic and high-quality electronic dabbing 
rig on the market, the Puffco Peak Pro is already woah-ing users and critics alike from all across the globe.

Nothing on the market can compare to the Puffco Peak Pro, so let’s delve into what makes it so great.

The Puffco Peak Pro represents a new standard for concentrate consumption technology.

Puffco has created the next-generation vaporizer for dabbing with this electric dab rig.

The Puffco Peak Pro remains an electronic dabbing device that allows you to vaporize cannabis concentrates with the push of a button.

It has the heart and soul of the Puffco Peak, with some added ultra-impressive benefits and features.

With the Puffco Peak Pro, dabbing remains safe and easy. It even has the added benefit of conserving your supply since you won’t be wasting any through the natural drip of the concentrate that occurs when using traditional nails.

The result is the most consistent and controlled dab experience ever.

It's the most efficient and seamless way to experience the magic of concentrates with a world of customization at your fingertips through the custom Opal Peak Pro App.

*See compatible devices for the app experience


  • Compatible with Concentrates
  • Bluetooth App Connectivity
  • Real-Time Temp Control
  • Large Sealed Ceramic Chamber
  • Customizable LED Lights
  • Double Water Capacity
  • Auto-Sleep Function
  • 4 Pre-Programmed Heat Settings (more available through the app)
  • 2-Hour Fast Charge Time
  • 30-Session Average Battery Life
  • 30-Second Heat-Up Time
  • Carrying Case Included
  • More ergonomic design
  • Live temperature control, allowing you to specify your desired temperature using the Puffco phone app.
  • USB-C charger (as opposed to the old school micro-USB)
  • Wireless Qi charging using the Puffco Peak Pro Power Dock
  • More stable carb cap (reduces potential leakage of concentrate)
  • Almost 50% larger ceramic bowl
  • Less burning of concentrate due to larger bowl


  • 1x - Peak Pro Base
  • 1x - Glass
  • 1x - Jacket & Tether
  • 1x - Oculus Carb Cap
  • 1x - Chamber
  • 1x - Carrying Case
  • 1x - Loading Tool
  • 5x - Dual Tools
  • 1x - AC Adapter
  • 1x - USB-C Cable

* Peak Pro can't use coupon codes or discounts due to Puffco's policy.

Customer Reviews

Based on 13 reviews
Two Lucky Dogs (Ridley Park, Pennsylvania)
A game changer with setbacks

There’s a whole lot for concentrate users to love about the Puffco Peak Pro however the romance has some issues and we’ve settled down our love of the Puffco Peak Pro to occasional use with friends. Tops of the list of great features are portability, ease of use, and consistent outstanding results. Novice smokers can enjoy puffs similar to a vape pens which opens the field to smokers who don’t own rigs or enails. The downsides to this love affair are intake of much more concentrate than necessary to get the job done, and cleaning up the Puffco isn't easy, simple or fast.

The ease of use and fast reload led us both to irritated, sore throats. This resolved when we set down the Puffco for a few days and stayed with flower. Using only dispensary concentrates we again experienced the same symptoms with moderate to heavy use. (Specifically high limonene for day use and high myrcene for nighttime) Qualifying this a bit more, when we smoke-down one entire charge per person during an afternoon or evening session we get a sore throat. With these results easily duplicated time and time again, we've parked the Puffco for special situations and bring it out for guests and outings away from home.

To use everyday as our steady hitter sn’t going to happen - too much trouble to clean and the guarantee of a sore throat from steady use makes this a great tool to break-out when company’s in the house.

Mark Cranston

Puffco Peak Pro

Ayden (Salt Lake City, Utah)


Davian (Fresno, California)
Puffco peak pro & power dock

10/10 great customer service & turnaround time was a week exactly after processing

Jonathan Monroy (Santa Barbara, California)

Great product