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Puffco Peak Pro Travel Pack

The travel pack is the perfect companion for the dabber on the move. If you want to protect your Peak from drops and spills while adventuring the Peak Pro Travel Pack will keep it safe and secure.

*Peak Not Included


  • 100% Silicone
  • FDA approved material
  • Dishwasher safe


  • Oculus Carb Cap that provides a window into your dab experience.
  • Backpack to store your dual tools.
  • Mouthpiece that makes for a more comfortable head position while hitting.
  • Chamber Jacket & Tether to keep your Oculus carb cap locked in place.
  • Chamber Jacket for using a different carb cap.


  • 1x The Puffco Peak Pro Travel Pack

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 13 reviews
    Two Lucky Dogs (Ridley Park, Pennsylvania)
    A game changer with setbacks

    There’s a whole lot for concentrate users to love about the Puffco Peak Pro however the romance has some issues and we’ve settled down our love of the Puffco Peak Pro to occasional use with friends. Tops of the list of great features are portability, ease of use, and consistent outstanding results. Novice smokers can enjoy puffs similar to a vape pens which opens the field to smokers who don’t own rigs or enails. The downsides to this love affair are intake of much more concentrate than necessary to get the job done, and cleaning up the Puffco isn't easy, simple or fast.

    The ease of use and fast reload led us both to irritated, sore throats. This resolved when we set down the Puffco for a few days and stayed with flower. Using only dispensary concentrates we again experienced the same symptoms with moderate to heavy use. (Specifically high limonene for day use and high myrcene for nighttime) Qualifying this a bit more, when we smoke-down one entire charge per person during an afternoon or evening session we get a sore throat. With these results easily duplicated time and time again, we've parked the Puffco for special situations and bring it out for guests and outings away from home.

    To use everyday as our steady hitter sn’t going to happen - too much trouble to clean and the guarantee of a sore throat from steady use makes this a great tool to break-out when company’s in the house.

    Mark Cranston

    Puffco Peak Pro

    Todd Davis (Marblehead, Massachusetts)
    It was almost too easy to use, great clouds!

    I vape a lot, but have never dabbed, mostly because it seems like "a lot" to do manually, and I'm not real big on firing up a blowtorch just to take a few hits. The Peak Pro is about as easy as it gets. Drop in a little dab (about a grain of rice does it for me just fine) turn it on, and in about 20 seconds, you are puffing away. Cleanup also has proved to be super simple, and I can usually just swab out the bowl (while it's still pretty hot) with a wooden swab, and it's clean for next use. The price? Well, it isn't for the feint of wallet. But that being said, it's still pretty reasonable especially given it's ease of use and great features. I ended up adding the the little ball cap which does seem to make the already great clouds even greater.

    Ayden (Salt Lake City, Utah)


    Davian (Fresno, California)
    Puffco peak pro & power dock

    10/10 great customer service & turnaround time was a week exactly after processing