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    MJ arsenal

    MJ Arsenal Hydra Mini

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    The Hydra is the first purpose-built concentrate Mini ™ from MJ Arsenal. Designed with an advanced Klein recycler, the Hydra pulls the water into a higher chamber, thoroughly filtering the for smooth inhales. As the travels through the triple hole percolator, it becomes moisture-rich and dense; the filtration system removes impurities, enabling the Hydra to deliver pure rips of potent results.

    The Hydra comes with a custom-made 90° quartz banger; thermal-resistant and 2mm thick, this premium banger allows for optimal flavor transfer. In addition to a wide and sturdy base, the Hydra was engineered with a rear-mounted side- for ultimate spill resistance. Lightweight, compact and easy-to-use, the Hydra is perfectly portable for dabs at home or on-the-go. Named after a mythical animal, the Hydra is a beast!


    Keep your MJ Arsenal Hydra clean to ensure optimal operation. Using isopropyl alcohol and rock salt, clean the main chamber of buildup or residue.

    To keep your quartz banger in great shape, it's recommended that you use a cotton swab after each use to remove any reclaim from the surface of the banger. Should buildup develop, simply apply heat from the torch to the banger until residue dissipates. Clean it in 60-second intervals. Be careful to not overheat the banger.


    1. Step 1: Fill the chamber with water through either the or mouthpiece.
    2. Step 2: Attach the included quartz banger to the Hydra.
    3. Step 3: Using a torch, heat the banger until it starts to glow orange. The banger should be heated for 30-60 seconds (shorter wait for more results, longer wait for more flavor).
    4. Step 4: Using a concentrate tool, gently place a rice-sized amount of concentrate in the banger.
    5. Step 5: Draw from the mouthpiece with good strength, go straight to the lung for the best results.
    6. Step 6: After you take your draw, use a cotton swab to clean the banger out while the nail is still warm.


    • MJ Arsenal Hydra Mini
    • Advanced Klein-Style Recycler
    • Triple Hole Percolator
    • Custom-Made 90° Quartz Banger
    • Water Filtration For On-the-Go Sessions
    • Crafted From Handblown Borosilicate Glass