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Higher Standards Blazer Big Shot Torch - Black & White

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Higher Standards has teamed up with Blazer®, the purveyor of the legendary Big Shot Torch, for this limited edition torch. Precision engineered in Japan, the Higher Standards Big Shot is the pinnacle of craftsmanship and reliability.

A powerful, portable anti-flare butane torch, the Big Shot features a detachable base and precision flame control. A high-grade brass nozzle keeps the flame steady—you can turn the Big Shot upside down without worrying about the flame blowing out. Featuring a large fuel capacity, this torch burns long and full.

The Big Shot is one of the most powerful, and smallest, tools you’ll ever use. Boasting a Piezo crystal igniter, this torch lights up instantly with the push of a button—you don't need to carry a lighter with you. With over 35 minutes of high-grade 2500 °F burn time, this refillable, self-contained unit will meet all your needs.


Remove the red safety cap from the ignition. Adjust flame to low, and press the ignition button, then readjust the flame as needed.
To turn the unit off, simply turn the gas dial to the closed position. Be sure that the flame is completely extinguished.

Refill the torch with butane via the refill port on the bottom of the torch.


    • Higher Standards X Blazer Collaboration
    • Made In Japan
    • Anti-Flare Design
    • Turn Upside Down With Total Control
    • Strong & Sturdy Brass Flame Nozzle
    • Detachable Base & Precision Flame Control
    • 35 Minutes Of High-Grade Burn Time
    • 2500 °F Flame

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