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High Five DUO - Silicone Carbide Bowl (SIC)


The High Five Duo Silicon Carbide Bowl (SiC) is more of an upgrade part rather than a replacement component for the High Five Duo Vaporizer. It’s made with high-quality silicon carbide which allows it to give you the benefits of using the aforementioned material in your vaping sessions. Silicon carbide is considered as a premium accessory or attachment to the High Five Duo Vaporizer and almost all other eRigs and dab rigs because of how well silicon carbide enhances your overall vaping experiences.

First, silicon carbide allows for better vaporization of your select materials, be it wax or weed. Because of its high thermal conductivity, your select materials will be heated faster so you get likewise faster results from it. It also heats up your herbs or your extracts evenly so you wouldn’t have to worry about unevenly burning the materials from getting hot spots. In addition to its high thermal conductivity, silicon carbide also boasts superior hardness and corrosion resistance which only means that it won’t fall into rust and decay that easily. You also won’t have to worry about it chipping out anytime soon so you won’t need to brood over having small pieces of silicon carbide in your wax or in your ground botanicals. It helps keep your materials safe and promotes the ideal environment for the vaporization of your select wax concentrates and dry herb strains making the High Five Duo Silicon Carbide Bowl (SiC) the ideal heating bowl for most consumers especially if you’re using the High Five Duo Vaporizer.


As we briefly covered above, the use of the High Five Duo Silicon Carbide Bowl (SiC) can help preserve the qualities and the properties of your favorite herbs and wax concentrate. That’s because aside from the High Five Duo Silicon Carbide Bowl’s (SiC) ability to maintain superior structural integrity, it also is inert and does not immediately react chemically to heat. That said, even if you expose silicon carbide to extreme temperatures, you can expect it to remain pure and not release any toxic substances that can mix up with your materials. On that note, you can expect the vapor production of the High Five Duo Vaporizer to be pure and unsullied with all its natural flavors and its natural potency so you can reap all the benefits your select materials have to offer.

So, if you’re using a High Five Duo Vaporizer and you want to enjoy clean and pure vapors from your select materials, make sure to include the High Five Duo Silicon Carbide Bowl (SiC) in your arsenal so you can always have the means to consume your favorite materials and reap its curative and psychoactive benefits. The High Five Duo Silicon Carbide Bowl (SiC) offers a clean and safe means of vaporization making it a fitting investment for anyone wanting to upgrade their vaping experience when using the High Five Duo eRig. Make sure to get yours now.


  • Authentic High Five Vaporizer Parts
  • Made from High-Grade Silicon Carbide


  • 1 x High Five Duo Silicon Carbide Bowl (SiC)

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