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High Five

High Five DUO


The DUO is a revolutionary true dual-purpose vaporizer for both concentrates and flowers (separate adapter releasing in Winter 2020).

The DUO is composed of Food & Medical Grade materials/components. Experience the performance of a desktop vaporizer wherever you go. 

Equipped with a powerful industry-leading battery pack for prolong usage compared to other E-Rigs on the market. Fast USB-C charging and the pass-through charging feature allow the device to be simultaneously charged and used while maintaining all functionality. 


The High Five Duo Smart eRig is the latest in eRig vaporizers and can vaporize both waxes concentrates and dry herb in a single device.

This makes it perfect for consumers who like vaping on herbs and wax concentrates without sacrificing overall vapor quality.

There are many dual-purpose vaporizers on the market today, but none of them may ever come as close to the performance of the High Five Duo.

The High Five Duo boasts of a powerful battery charged via USB-C Technology. This promises longer vaping sessions and faster charging times when using the High Five Duo.

However, you need not wait long if your sessions are cut short because the High Five Duo is outfitted with pass-through charging features allowing you to use it while plugged in.

The High Five Duo also offers a large capacity bowl for loading more of your ground material or your wax concentrates.

This makes it ideal for heavy consumers who don’t want to reload their eRigs when they consume their favorite materials.

The High Five Duo is a true heavy hitter that can bring the best in your botanicals and your wax concentrates. Here are some tips to get you up to speed with the High Five Duo.


    • 1 x DUO
    • 1 x Hex Key
    • 1 x Loading Tool
    • 1 x Quartz Bowl
    • 1 x Titanium Bowl
    • 1 x Magnetic Carb Cap
    • 1 x USB C Charging Wire
    • 1 x Borosilicate Mouthpiece
    • 1 x Protective Carrying Case
    • 1 x 3 Year Warranty on Device
    • 1 x 6 Month Warranty on Bucket


    • Rapid-Heat Up
    • Haptic Feedback
    • Vibrant LED Display
    • Pass-Thru Charging
    • Fast USB-C Charging
    • Long-Lasting Battery Life 
    • Large Capacity 16mm Bowl
    • Customize Session Duration
    • Adjustable Light Brightness
    • 11 Different Light Color Options
    • Minimal Temperature Fluctuation
    • Wide Base for Increased Stability
    • Self Seating Bowl for Easy Assembly
    • Compatible w/Inserts, Pearls, Beads, Balls
    • Medical Grade Stainless Steel Airway Path
    • Ergonomic Design for Both Lefties & Righties
    • Composed of Food & Medical Grade Materials
    • Compatible w/Puffco Peak & Puffco Peak PRO Mouthpieces w/adapter purchased separately.
    • Customize Lights ON/OFF (All, None, Top, Bottom)
    • Dual Purpose for Concentrates & Flower w/adapter purchased separately
    • Stainless Steel Atomizer. Durable, Reliable, BUILT TO LAST
    • Superior American Electrical Components & Microprocessor
    • No Preset Temperatures. Adjust & Set Your Ideal Temperature
    • Removable Airway Path for Easy Reclaim Collection & Cleaning
    • Vapor is Pulled Away from Atomizer not through like most E-Rigs, Avoid constant heating element & atomizer failure, sticky components, residue buildup.

    Customer Reviews

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    Christopher Turner (Jacksonville, Florida)
    Very happy with purchase

    Very happy with seller from shipping, tracking and communication. Love my duo, this thing is amazing.