Grenco Science

G Pen Connect & MJ Arsenal Jammer


The G Pen Connect paired with an MJ Arsenal Jammer Mini for the perfect combination of form and function.

The Grenco Science G Pen Connect turns any piece with a glass-to-glass connection into a powerful piece. This palm-sized innovation is engineered with patented reverse airflow technology and a spring-loaded release button. The ceramic heating element evenly heats to deliver pure, results. The magnetic 850mAh battery is equipped with three temperature settings (blue: 3.1 volts, green: 3.6 volts, and red: 4.1 volts).

The MJ arsenal line of mini are designed with one simple philosophy in mind. Less air, equals more flavor. All the pieces in the mini line come with a 10mm male banger nail, and all these pieces are made from quality borosilicate glass. The creators even went so far as to give filling directions on the package, to ensure you get the most out of these sleek little pieces. MJ arsenal mini ensure you'll get all the flavor out of your favored concentrates.

The Jammer Mini stands at 4.25 inches with a 2.5 inch base, and is the most durable of the mini line with 4mm thick glass throughout, and a unigue base attached perc design. The Jammer also features a 10mm female , and a flared mouthpiece. No frills, all flavor.


  • Load into the ceramic tank and secure the magnetic cap
  • Connect the tank to the top of the battery via magnetic plate, and insert the glass adapter into the open end
  • Insert the glass end into your piece; five clicks will power the G Pen Connect on, and three clicks will take you through the different voltages
  • Once you’ve decided on your temperature, two clicks will begin the heat-up process. The button will flash for five seconds indicating the heat-up phase, then the light will hold solid for 10 seconds to let you know when it’s reached the maximum heating output
  • From there, you can enjoy your water-filtered results


  • During heating, you can press the button to cancel the process
  • Pressing and holding the button will manually heat the Connect for up to 15 seconds


  • 1x G Pen Connect Battery
  • 1x G Pen Connect Tank
  • 1x G Pen Connect Housing
  • 1x G Pen Connect Male Glass Adapter(14mm)
  • 1x G Pen Connect Male Glass Adapter Connector
  • 1x MJ Arsenal Jammer Mini
  • 1x 10 mm Quartz Bucket
  • 10 mm Female Connection
  • 1x Micro Usb To Usb Charging Cable
  • 3x Replacement O-rings



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