Flyt Lift Vaporizer


The Lift features three easily accessible temperature settings ranging from 365-425 degrees. Once your preferred temperature is selected the vape takes less than 60 seconds to heat up, allowing for quick and discreet vape sessions.

The Lift features a magnetized chamber cover that enables the lip piece to be smoothly extended or closed inside. The heating chamber is also a decent size, preventing you from having to repack the vape multiple times in one sitting.


  • Fully Ceramic Oven- Utilizes a hybrid (conduction/convection) heating system to produce a true vaporization of your herb. Ensures full-flavor and pureness. Holds 0.6 Grams.
  • Retractable Glass Lip Piece- Equipped with a pyrex glass outer layer and a heat resistant organic thermoplastic core. Stores away inside the device for protection and cleanliness; doubles as a packing tool when the device is in session.
  • Construction - Made of a light weight aluminum alloy featuring a clean air path system which avoids all electrical components.
  • One- Button Control (Color Coded) - Allows you to turn device on/off (3-clicks), adjust temperature settings (press and hold), and check battery life (press and hold when device is off).
  • Three-Temperature Settings- High (415-425), Medium (395-405), Low (365-375). Enables you to adjust the temperature to which your herb is heated so flavor and cloud production can be customized to fit your personal preference.
  • Fast and Efficient- Takes less than 40 seconds to reach highest temperature and bakes continuously for a full 2-minute session once the desired temperature has been reached (also can be manually shut off ).
  • Auto- Shutoff Feature- If left unattended for more than 30 seconds after heating up, the LIFT will automatically begin to cool itself down to preserve your herbs and prevent battery drainage.
  • Battery Life - A full battery provides 13-20 bowls (Depending on the temp). Charge time 2 hours. Mini USB Rechargeable.
  • Warranty- The LIFT vaporizer is backed by a 10-year manufacturers warranty.


    • Flyt Lift
    • Flyt Lab Power Plug
    • Flyt Lab Mini USB Wire
    • Flyt Lab Tool Set

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