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FadeSpace PuffCo Peak Inserts SIC & S-Tier


When it comes to buying products for use with vaporizer, one would always have to consider FadeSpace's overall quality. It's used in conjunction with Puffco Peak vaporizer in close proximity to heat and is oftentimes subjected to thermal shock. Thermal shock happens to an object when it’s exposed to continuous cycles of heating and cooling – something that naturally occurs during a vape or a dab session as heating elements like atomizers and bangers are often heated and cooled down consistently.

When an object experiences thermal shock, it expands in various parts which will then cause the component to crack and break where several manifestations of damage may appear. Thermal shock may also speed up the manifestations of wear and tear as it will actively weaken the subjected object. Being experts in their relative fields, the folks behind FadeSpace knew and anticipated these issues and so made an effort to create dependable and reliable products that can either tackle these issues head-on or go around them in an effort to avoid the problem.


The FadeSpace V2 SiC Insert is made from silicon carbide. Silicon carbide is a raw material that’s inert and offers great features that make them ideal, if not superior, to the heating elements produced by the vape e-rig manufacturers the inserts were meant to be supporting. Although the Puffco Peak was known for producing the best flavors from wax concentrates, using the FadeSpace silicon carbide insert further enhances the flavors of the wax concentrates you are using.

  • Significant Diamond Polishing & Grinding
  • Additional Mass For Inserts
  • Reduced Mass For Puffco Peak Inserts
  • Laser Engraved Branding & Serial Numbers
  • Dual Compatibility between The Peak & Quartz Buckets
  • Superior flavor and efficiency compared to all surfaces other than S-Tier
  • Thermal Conductivity of 120 W/mK, 80 times greater than fused Quartz
  • Melting point of over 5,000°F
  • Chemically Inert & Nontoxic
  • Thermal shock resistant
  • Made from USP Class VI Certified Medical Grade Material
  • Extreme Wear Resistance & Physical Durability
  • Easiest cleaning of any surface - virtually impossible to “Chazz”
  • Designed & Manufactured in the United States


The FadeSpace S-Tier Insert is another quality product from FadeSpace. The FadeSpace S-Tier Insert is made from high-quality aluminum nitride, a solid nitride of aluminum, that boasts high thermal conductivity. This means that the heat, as well as the vapor production of the FadeSpace S-Tier Insert, is pure and safe. This insert is made for use with a wide variety of bangers and dab rigs allowing many consumers to enjoy better vapor production and temperature control when using a means of dabbing that relies on the use of blowtorches.

  • S-Tier+ Inserts Will Be Marked With Fadespace Branding
  • Aluminum Nitride Insert For Puffco Peak
  • Exceedingly High Thermal Conductivity of 200 w / m / K - 133x Greater Than Quartz
  • Superior Flavor & Efficiency Over Virtually All Other Surfaces
  • Ultra Thermal Stability
  • High Thermal Shock Resistance
  • Nontoxic & Chemically Inert
  • Designed in the United States
  • Manufactured in Japan
  • The Peak & 25mm Inserts Will Fit Virtually All 24-25mm Quartz Buckets


Using an insert with your dab rig is temperature variability. Dab rigs are known to deliver extremely potent dabs that are achieved through dabbing with high-temperature levels – that's why the vapors you get from them can really melt your face off because the psychoactive compounds from the wax concentrates are extracted when you dab them at high-temperature levels. This means that you are only almost only limited to high-temperature levels because of how dab rigs operate. Enter the inserts. Inserts allow you to neutralize the temperature from the actual banger by introducing the insert that’s basically at room temperature. Doing so will allow you to regulate the temperature as the temperature of the insert and the quartz banger will allow enough time to have the temperature of the banger slowly, but progressively, transfer to the insert. This will not shock your wax concentrates but instead create and facilitate a low and slow heating environment allowing you to get the full spectrum of the benefits your wax concentrates have to offer. FadeSpace inserts are made with such high-quality components that they make for a great way to enjoy low-temp dabs when you’re using conventional dab rigs. Low-temp dabbing allows you to enjoy more flavorful vapors while enjoying fat results of vapor.

FadeSpace inserts are made with high-quality components that make them a great means of giving you a consistent and wide range of results without spending too much money. FadeSpace inserts are a great addition to your arsenal when you want to maximize your sessions on the cheap.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Steve Ossler (Elmhurst, Illinois)

This thing is amazing g and worth every penny!!!

russell dry (Houston, Texas)
Always great

fast shipping, good service.

Erik (Garden Grove, California)

Got hooked up with 10$ discount! Along with awesome customer service by Pablo. Can’t wait for it to get here

Jordan Jimenez (Middletown, Pennsylvania)
Puffco & Versa compatible

Specifically got this for my Versa but ended up buying a puffco Peak and now I have a SIC that works in 2 rigs! Melt shots are hardcore and the flavor.. well you already know we’re getting full banging taste! Satisfied.

Marc Desjardins (Smithfield, Rhode Island)
FadeSpace V2 SiC Puffco Peak Insert

Great performance! Allows you to really taste your dabs!