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Evolve 2 in 1

About Evolve 2 in 1 

The latest iteration of the Evolve 2 in 1 comes as the manufacturer brings us the 2020 version of their iconic dual-purpose pen.

As one would expect, the Evolve 2 in 1 battery pen works with bothdry herb and concentrates, making it the perfect device to have when you’re at home or when you’re out and about.

The Evolve 2 in 1 battery pen combines the ability of both the Evolve-D battery pen and the Original Evolve, which allows it to deliver some of the best from both your favorite ground botanical plant matter as well as from your select concentrates as both the original Evolve and Evolve D was the flagship devices.

Under the hood, the Evolve 2 in 1 battery pen uses a 650mAh battery to deliver power to both the iconic dry herb and concentrateatomizers.

As you would expect from a battery made from the OG Evolve era, it uses an eGo-style charger to recharge the battery.

And while this charging technology may be old and dated, it still has some advantages, making it a reliable charging technology to be used on the 2020 version of the Evolve 2 in 1 battery pen.

Despite the Evolve 2 in 1 battery pen looking like an old dog, it’s more eager to show new things, including the new colorways made only available on Evolve models released in 2020.

Reliable Battery

As we’ve briefly covered above, the Evolve 2 in 1 uses a 650mAh battery that’s capable of giving you sessions of reasonable length and decent performance in between sessions.

Especially if you’re not a heavy consumer, you’ll find that the Evolve 2 in 1 battery pen can last you several sessions within the day.

However, if you’re more of a frequent user, you might find that you need to recharge your  Evolve 2 in 1  more often. Charging the device is made more simple and straightforward because of the USB charging tip offered by the Evolve 2 in 1 eGo style charger.

The charger may connect to the battery via 510-threaded connections, but it does connect to an outlet using a USB connection.

What this means is that you can plug the  Evolve 2 in 1 on a wall adapter to a wall outlet or using a desktop computer or a laptop computer to recharge the battery.

This way, the Evolve 2 in 1 battery pen not only offers a stable base for connecting the battery and the charger but also gives you more than one way to recharge your battery.

Proving that the Evolve 2 in 1 is not only versatile when it comes to the types of materials it can but also when it comes to recharging your batteries.

The 510-threaded USB charger may be dated, but it still offers reliability and dependability you won’t get anywhere else.

The battery is also reliable physically, made from high-quality materials, and assembled in a factory that observes the highest manufacturing standards.

This means that it can hold up well against wear, tear, and daily carrying activity with proper use.

It holds decent weight to it, so you would know that what you have in your hands are high-quality battery pens and not cheap ones that die out after several uses.

Easy to Use

The Evolve 2 in 1 also offers simplicity and straightforwardness when using it and operating the device.

You'll find familiar settings, like the single button operation where you can turn the battery on and off using the only button on the unit.

You can also activate and deactivate the heating element when the device uses the same button.

This setup eliminates confusion and makes the Evolve 2 in 1 battery pen an ideal device for most beginners and advanced consumers.

If you’re looking for a versatile and easy-to-use entry-level device, the Evolve 2 in 1 battery pen is what you should be checking out.


  • 1x Evolve Plus Atomizer
  • 1x Yocan Evolve D Plus Atomizer
  • 1x Evolve Plus Battery with Micro USB Charging
  • 2x Quartz Dual Coil Evolve PLUS Heating Elements (1 Pre-installed)
  • 2x Dual Coil (1 Pre-Installed)
  • 1x Metal Tool
  • 1x Cleaning Brush
  • 1x Micro USB Cable

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