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Dr. Dabber

Dr. Dabber Switch Glass Loading Tool & Carb Accessory


Dr. Dabber is introducing an entirely new level of convenience with the SWITCH Glass Loading Tool & Carb. This multifunctional accessory ensures Dr. Dabber SWITCH owners can enjoy a seamless pure experience. To use, simply pack your dry herb or concentrate with the loading tool side, and flip upside down to carb your switch. This two-in-one accessory can be used with or without the included silicone ring.


  • Loading Tool & Carb
  • Silicone Ring
  • Easy To Use & Maintain


  • 1x Dr. Dabber Switch Glass Loading Tool & Carb

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Customer Reviews

Based on 19 reviews
Excellent erig

Excellent device

Very very fragile

Sadly I used this cup once.. I tried to use the reverse tweezers and the cup was so slippery it fell down less than a foot and broke. Would recommend the siC cup over quartz since these are so fragile

Dr. Dabber Switch Purchase

I have ordered a lot of products online, especially during this pandemic we have all found ourselves in. I ordered this for 2-3 day delivery and when it didn’t arrive on the 3rd day, due to Fedex having so many packages to deal with during this pandemic, I was able to get in contact with many helpful employees as well as in contact with the owners themselves! They were willing to do anything to keep me happy and make sure that I was taken care of and as much as I love my Dr. Dabber Switch, I actually enjoyed the experience with the company, and how they handled my complaint against Fedex. And it only took one extra day for my package to arrive which I was very grateful for. Thank you to November and team for everything!! Also, yes, I think the Switch is TOTALLY worth the purchase. I use it throughout my day and even though some people may say it isn’t quite as portable as they had hoped it would be, I find it pretty easy to bring with me. I use it at least 5 different times a day and have to say it’s making my sessions last longer, at least when I dab alone, and making my product last longer in general since it’s not all being scorched by a torch. I love my Switch and will be purchasing some extras for it here soon! Thank you again!

The Dr. is in the house!!!!

The Dr.dabber switch its simply the future of vapin concentrates/flower (more for concentrate) it has so many heat options ,so you can go from different layers of flavors to different layers and thickness of clouds the higher you go up and temperature it also has the options for you to replace multiple different types of induction cups like Sapphire (sic silicon carbide you have your cords smooth Ceramics irregular rough ceramics it is by far my favorite Vape riser and definitely will grab another one and 4:20 if they come out with a clear one or a white one amazing product the future

Fucking love this thing

Use this religiously