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Pulsar APX 2


The APX 2 device is portable, lightweight, and palm-sized! Upgraded from its predecessor, the APX 2 features a rubber multifunction button for a more controlled and comfortable touch.

Easy-to-use, the APX 2 delivers a smooth experience via an enhanced silicone airpath and ergonomically improved mouthpiece.

The APX 2’s five preset heat settings, ranging from 356° F - 428° F, provide the user with flavor profile exploration of their botanicals.

A high-quality ceramic chamber allows for convection heating while LED lights and digital interface indicate the heat setting, as well as battery level.

At just four inches long, the APX 2’s compact body allows you to discreetly use it, no matter if you are at home or on the go.


Once you have your device fully charged, remove the mouthpiece, crush and load dry strains loosely in the chamber, and put the mouthpiece back onto the body.

Turn the device on by pressing the multifunction button five times consecutively.

To change the temperature of the APX 2, depress the multifunction button for three seconds - the temperature indicator will begin to rotate through the temperature settings until you release to confirm the desired temperature - allow the APX 2 to adjust the temperature and then continue using.


Remove the mouthpiece and the leftover material from the heating chamber.

Use the cleaning brush to sweep the remaining residue. Put the mouthpiece back onto the body - the APX 2 is now ready for your next session!


  • 1x APX 2
  • 1x USB Cable
  • 1x Stir Tool
  • 1x Cleaning Brush
  • 1x Extra Mouthpiece Silicone Insert


  • Newest Version 2.0
  • For Solid
  • 5 Way Adjustable Temp Control (356°F - 428°F)
  • 30 Secs Heat Up Time w/Haptic Feedback
  • Super Portable and Discreet - Fits in Your Palm (4" Tall)
  • Improved Silicone Cooling System
  • Convection Oven w/Ceramic Chamber
  • Haptic Feedback When Ready
  • Enhanced LED Display
  • Ergonomically Improved Mouthpiece
  • 5 Temperature Settings


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Charlotte WHATLEY (Cordova, Tennessee)

Pulsar APX 2