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Fast, free, and convenient delivery $50+

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Fast, free, and convenient delivery $50+

Fast, free, and convenient delivery $50+

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Airis 8 Dip N Dab Wax



A truly unique vaporizer, theAiristech Airis 8 portable vaporizer offers up some new and creative ways of enjoying your favorite waxy oils and concentrates on the run.

Starting with the design, the Airis 8 vape has a thin and compact pen design, with a flat design that makes it super easy to throw in your pocket or bag to bring with you. There isn't anything fancy here or difficult to operate, on the vape itself you will only find a micro USB charging port as well as a power button. Using the power button you can change the voltage on the battery between 3 settings: 3.4 V, 3.7 V, and 4.2 V, to find the optimal voltage for the material you are using. From there things get a little interesting, in a good way.

Dip or dab? That is the question. With the two included atomizer types you can choose between the classic style of heating concentrates by pre-packing your atomizer for switch it up by using the premium Quartz Dip Coil. This is great for when you are out and happen to run out and simply don't have the time to reload. Just dip the quartz tip into your material, press the button to begin heating and enjoy. On the other hand, you can dab your material directly onto the atomizer coil ahead of time the traditional way. Each way offers their own advantages and it is great to have the best of both worlds at the tip of your fingers at all times.

The Airis 8 portable wax vaporizer is a step in the right direction for enjoying your favorite waxy materials when you want and how you want outside the comforts of your own home. If you have yet to take wax vaping outside the walls of your home, now is the time


    • Discreet Pen Style Device for Stealthy Travel Use
    • Equipped with Dual Heating Elements: Dab or Dip!
    • Dual Coil Quartz Glass Element: Delivers Pure & Tasty Vapor
    • Premium Quartz Heating Tip Atomizer for Dipping
    • Variable Output Capability: 3 Preset Levels
    • 3.4V (Green), 3.7V (Blue), 4.2V (Red)
    • Universal USB Charging Method
    • Easy Single Button Operation
    • Press Button 5 Times to Lock/Unlock
    • Press 3 Times to Adjust Output Level
    • Backed by 6 Month Manufacturer's Warranty


    • 1 x Airis8 Battery
    • 1 x Airis8 Mouthpiece
    • 1 x Quartz Dip Coil
    • 1 x Quartz Dab Coil
    • 1 x USB Charging Cord
    • 1 x Packing Tool
    • 3 x Cleaning Brush
    • 1 x User Guide

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