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FAQ & More - Knowledge Base

With so many questions about vaping, equipment, accessories, handling, maintenance, and more, we decided to create a page where you can learn more about pipes, dab rigs, parts, accessories, cleaning your rigs vaping in general.

If you can’t find answers to your questions here, feel free to get in touch with us, and our team will be happy to help.

How to: pack a weed pipe

For this, you need weed (duh), a weed pipe, a grinder, and a lighter. Grind your weed up medium-fine (not too fine!) and place it into the pipe’s bowl. You want it loosely packed at the bottom; then, as you add more weed, you can pack it in heavier at the top; this makes it smoke really nicely. Then light and inhale! 

Is smoking weed out of a pipe bad for you?

Smoking weed from a pipe or bong is no more harmful than other smoking methods. You’re still inhaling smoke, so it’s slightly less ‘cleaner’ than vaping, but it’s not necessarily worse for your health overall. Pipes also don’t require the use of tobacco, so they’re slightly better for you than a joint in that sense. 

Can you use a tobacco pipe for weed?

Technically, yes. You can smoke weed from any smoking device. However, we recommend buying a proper weed pipe or vape pen because tobacco pipes lack features like carb holes that make smoking weed a more enjoyable experience. We also prefer glass over materials like wood for pipes, as it’s cleaner and easier to clean.  

What liquids can you put in a vape pen?

You can put many liquids into a vape pen, and it will work, but we don’t recommend most of them. Recent trends of vaping alcohol and water are not only pointless; vapes haven’t been designed for this kind of use so that you could harm your pen, or worse, yourself. 

Always stick to cannabis concentrate liquids specifically designed to be used in a vape pen

How to: fix a glass pipe

Dropped your glass pipe? Bummer. For a quick fix for any small cracks, cut a small piece of duct tape to size and cover the crack completely. It should hold for a while and stop any air leaks or further breakage. You can use epoxy resin or even a blowtorch to repair cracks in pipes for a longer-term fix.  

How do I clean a dab rig?

Take your dab rig apart and soak it in a specialized cleansing salt and alcohol mix. Cover with a plastic bag and leave for up to an hour. Use cotton buds to clean small corners and nooks in your dab rig. Rinse clean and let dry.

How much does a dab rig cost?

You can buy a dab rig for as little as $40, but they can go up to a couple of hundred dollars, depending on what you get. We always recommend investing in a high-quality electronic dab rig if you’re a regular user.

How do vape pens work?

Whether you use a vape pen, wax vape pen, or dab pen, they all work roughly the same way. Vape pens have a chamber that you put pre-filled cartridges, wax, or dabs in, heated to produce the vapor that you inhale. Vape pens are usually battery-powered.

Are vape pens bad for you?

All smoking affects your body, but compared to smoking joints with or without tobacco, vape pens are less harmful. As it avoids both tobacco use (and therefore nicotine) and there is no combustion happening, vape pens don’t produce the same toxins that traditional smoking does.

What is the best kind of vaporizer for weed?

The best kind of desktop vaporizer for cannabis should have three main features:

  • A simple yet sturdy design
  • Adjustable heat settings
  • High-quality materials like stainless steel or quartz

You want your desktop vaporizer to be simple to use and give the best flavor and most enjoyable experience from your bud.

Vape vs. bong: which should I buy?

Although vapes and Bongs are equally popular, they have totally different advantages. Vapes can give you a cleaner high, and they’re more portable, but they also tend to be much more expensive and can get you really high, really fast, so they’re not ideal for novice smokers. On the other hand, Bongs tend to give a gentler high and cost less money, but you’re inhaling smoke rather than vapor. 

The argument of vape vs. bong can really only be answered based on your own personal smoking preferences. 

How to: clean a bong without rubbing alcohol?

If you don’t have any isopropyl alcohol to clean your bong with, a simple mixture of water and salt followed by a vinegar rinse will do the trick. Shake up the water and salt in your bong; you can follow our cleaning instructions. If you’re wondering how to clean a bong with vinegar, all you need to do is pour the vinegar into the bowl and shake it around. It’ll remove any lingering residue or stains. Then rinse clean. 

How to: fix a broken bong?

If you’ve dropped your bong and cracked it, there are a few quick-fixes to seal the gap. If you can find a two-part epoxy mixture in hardware stores, you can use this to patch the crack and create a long-lasting fix. Superglue works well on plastic bongs but isn’t great for glass. The last resort would be duct tape, which can fix cracks effectively, but only temporarily if they’re near the water chamber. 

If you’ve broken off a part of your bong, like the bowl, investing in a new one is your best bet.

How do I know how fine to grind weed?

How fine grind weed depends on how you plan on smoking it. Some methods require an excellent grind, like dry herb vapes and joints. Other smoking tools, like bongs, allow you to get away with a chunkier grind. Practice makes perfect, so experiment with different grinds and methods until you find one you love. If you’re wondering, ‘do you have to grind weed?’ take a look at our article on grinders.

How to: clean a Puffco Peak?

One of the most famous vapes around (and for a good reason), you’ve probably heard of or own one by now. But how to clean a Puffco Peak?

First, you should give it a quick wipe with a cotton swab after every use to prevent build-up. If it needs a deep clean, you can follow our instructions for cleaning a vaporizer. All you need is some isopropyl alcohol, salt, some pipe cleaners, and you’re good to go!