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Stündenglass is described as "the defining smoking culture piece in any contemporary dwelling" and at first glance you can see why. Their patented 360-degree system made the world's first gravity powered, contactless, hookah possible. Through the use of kinetic motion activation, cascading water and opposing air flow technology work together to bring you flavorful and smooth draws of concentrate, dry herb, or hookah.

The Stündenglass Gravity Hookah was a viral sensation, and now it's available here at Weedipedia! In this review we're going to dive into what makes the Stündenglass Gravity Hookah one of the most interesting and capable multi-use water pipes available today.

There aren't many devices out there that can capably incorporate dry herb, concentrate, and hookah use all-in-one but the Stündenglass Gravity Hookah isn't your average water pipe. With an elite combination of form and function (plus a pretty big "wow" factor) the Stündenglass Gravity Hookah has to be considered one of the best water pipes on the market right now, let's dig a little deeper into what makes this device so special.

What Is The Stündenglass Glass Gravity Hookah?

What sticks out most when you first lay eyes on the Stündenglass Gravity Hookah are the large, rotating glass bulbs that are the centerpiece of the device's functionality. The word "Stündenglass" translates to "hourglass" in German, which when you start to use the devices makes all the sense in the world.

While the Stündenglass might look intimidating to use it's functionality is quite simple for dry herbs, concentrates, and when in hookah-mode: you'll fill the bottom container with water and leave the top bulb empty. After you've lit your source material (or used a vaporizer to help smooth out your concentrate draws) you'll flip the chambers over and watch science do it's thing. The Stündenglass utilizes negative air pressure to pull the smoke through the falling water and into the once-empty chamber. 


Turn the chambers over one more time and your smoke is pushed through the mouthpiece and ready to be enjoyed. Budgeting draws with the Stündenglass is easy as well, if you don't want to take an entire hit you can control your smoke by how far your rotate the bulbs. 

The Stündenglass' Sturdy Construction

Just like anything with a hefty price tag, you would hope it is durable and well constructed. The team at Stündenglass made sure your Gravity Hookah will last thanks to materials like surgical grade stainless steel, Teflon seals, and aircraft grade aluminum (which is also found inPyptek'sproducts.)

The base of the Stündenglass Gravity Hookah V2 is rock solid and won't tip over during use, another plus of the Stündenglass' design is the fact that the glass chambers are easily removed for cleaning. Users can put the globes into your dishwasher or tackle the cleaning with a sponge and soap during spot-checks.

Contactless Smoke Delivery System

With the current public health situation dry herb, concentrate, and hookah users have most likely can I smoke with others safely? One of the benefits of using the Stundenglass is that it utilizes the only "contactless smoke delivery system" readily available right now.

Pre-pandemic smoking was a communal experience and would sometimes involve complete strangers; who reading this hasn't joined a random smoke circle or asked a new friend to enjoy some of their dry herb? Those situations are looked at through a much different lens after 2020, and the Stündenglass Gravity Hookah is doing a great job of making communal smoking safe.

The contactless attachment allows users to inhale smoke without actually putting your mouth on anything. Smoke from the Stündenglass is pushed out of the chamber using water pressure, meaning an airtight seal around the mouthpiece isn't needed to enjoy your smoke. (It should be noted that the hookah attachment does use a hose and glass mouthpiece.)

This contactless design also solves the problem of accidentally ingesting water from your water pipe, an experience no one wants to do twice. While it isn't the most important aspect of the Stündenglass Gravity Hookah, the contactless smoke delivery system is a nice feature that hopefully leads to other brands trying to figure out ways to make sharing sessions safer. 

Should You Buy A Stündenglass Gravity Hookah?

While the Stündenglass Gravity Hookah V2 does carry a price tag larger than the average water pipe the tri-functionality, elite construction, and overall experience make this worth it for dedicated dry herb, concentrate, or tobacco enthusiasts. The learning curve isn't as steep as the design makes it out to be, and the contactless smoke delivery system (when using dry herb or concentrates) is a nice health-plus for group sessions.