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Stone Smiths

About The StoneSmiths SLASH

Get the most from your dabs with the luxury Slash Concentrate Vaporizer from Stone Smiths. The StoneSmiths SLASH was recently named one of the best dab pens in 2021. its smooth vapor and tasteful flavor beat the other top quality dab pens from industry leading brands like Dabber and Puffco. it’s also known as the “PUFFCO KILLER” on social media! 

Why do you buy A StoneSmiths SLASH?

For those who love to experience the terpenes of all strains and want a device that makes the precious dab is efficiently vaporized, this StoneSmiths is the best vape for them. SLASH is an elegant, discreet and luxurious feeling cannabis vape pen. The remarkable product of this StoneSmiths has the finest skills of high quality than any other vaporizers. Let’s see the Reasons to Buy a StoneSmiths’ Slash,

Premium Build Quality, Sleek Design - Luxury Looks 

The SLASH has a great build quality that makes it look elegant, attractive, and discrete. This is really a very attractive vape pen.  The Slash Dab pen contains the stuff of zinc alloy Body and unique magnetic cap enhances the stoners experience. it is free, strong, and easy to pull off and pack. StoneSmith did a great job on the quality of these dab pens.

Stone Smiths’ Slash has a great build quality, delivers smooth and tasteful hits,

Tasteful & Smooth Vapor - Nothing Beats Its Flavor

The StoneSmiths’ SLASH is really the best choice for your terps. It has three temperature settings, allowing you to maximize concentration and get the most out of your already precious concentrate. SLASH's top airflow system forces air to circulate the bottom of the bowl, giving optimum flavor and minimizing clogging in the air path.


Everything that comes with the Stone Smiths Slash vaporizer

Integrated Dabbing Tool - Excellent Efficiency

The StoneSmith's SLASH gives you absolutely great performance! if you use its integrated loading tool, you can fill-up of your sacred dab fast and easy. The dab tool is attached under the mouthpiece. You should not worry about carrying a dab tool. you can vape in the most comfortable style and keeps the concentrate in the center of the heating bowl. This is a very handy vaporizer. What is good about this tool is not interfering with airflow.

Convenient dab tool placed underneath mouth-piece

Coil-Less Ceramic Atomizer - Easy To Clean

The coil-less ceramic vape pen bowl uniformly distributes heat within the chamber, providing ultimate flavour and preventing clogging in the air path. extending the life of the device while still allowing for a simple one-step cleaning process. No burning flavor is guaranteed thanks to the high-quality bower!

1000 mAH battery capacity, USB type C charging cable

Long-Lasting Battery Capacity - Nice Heating Features

SLASH has done a lot to improve the comfort factor with its 1000mAh battery, three heating temperature settings, and a battery indicator that alerts you when you need to get your type C charger, Also included is a 12-second Auto-Mode setting that is ideal for sharing the flight, deep inhales, great clouds, and holdless heat. 

The StoneSmiths’ SLASH offers some nice safety features. The heat stability control makes sure you don't overheat your concentrate. It also includes a heat protector band and a silicone mouthpiece to keep your hand and mouth safe from the hit.


Where do you buy a StoneSmiths SLASH?

Now you know, The Stone Smiths Slash is a great quality product that delivers a smooth experience. Weedipedia is proud to be an authorized reseller- Stone Smiths vape and stocking a wide range of StoneSmiths Slash letest addition vaporizer and dab accessories, which got such a great response! Thankfully, it became one of our best selling products. You can buy the Stone Smith’s Slash dab pens and accessories here at the best prices.