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Stashlogix Smell Proof Stash Bags & Stash Boxes

Do smell proof stash bags work? How do smell proof stash bags work? What is the best smell proof stash bag? Well, here’s the answer to all of your questions.

Einstein shows thoughtful stash bag

Stash Boxes are #THOUGHTFUL

Stashlogix stash boxes were originally designed for mom and for dad to keep the kids safe, but our products have evolved from parent friendly stash bags to stylish handbags and cases "For Citizens of Everywhere".

Why carry some tote bag when you can travel safe and enjoy thoughtful features like adjustable compartments, a port on the side of the stash bag to charge a battery or medical device, and jars you can re-label - we even include the pen.

cookie jar showing secure stashbag

Stash Boxes are #SECURE

Most of our stash bags and stash boxes have built in combination locks with lockable zippers.

Keep out the youngsters, roomies, guests, the cleaners, the after school gang, and even Fido.

The road to drug abuse runs through the home. PLEASE store your medicine responsibly - even if you don't use our incredibly cool stasher bags.

discreet stashbags

Stash Boxes are #DISCREET

Smell proof technology: replaceable, environmentally friendly odor control packs.
Jars with tight seals.
And - wait, look: there's not some "inappropriate" graphic on it!
Stay classy, people. Discreet is where it's at. And it never goes out of style.