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Spoon Pipes

What is a spoon pipe?

The spoon pipe is one of the most popular styles of glass pipes. The name and shape of a spoon pipe take a few cues from the silverware in your kitchen cupboards. In a spoon pipe, a wide bowl is located at one end with a chamber that gradually tapers into a mouthpiece at the other end of the pipe.

A carburetor is often included adjacent to the bowl, giving you a bit more control over your hit. But other than this, spoon pipes are dead simple. Just load it and take a puff!

Buying your spoon pipe online

Classic glass spoon pipes are the simplest, cheapest, and most reliable way to smoke. At Weedipedia, you’ll find a wide range of sizes and colors, opening up some great options at any spot on the price spectrum. Even compact and portable spoon pipes are one of the possibilities. We make buying your spoon pipe online easy for you. Our catalog contains a wide range of spoon pipes in different sizes, shapes, materials, colors, and prices. Our spoon pipe experts are daily working on adding the best spoon pipes, among other glass spoon pipes, to our catalog to ensure you will get the best smoking experience.

What to consider when buying a spoon pipe?

There are a few key things to look for when picking out a new spoon pipe.

  1. Size: Your pipe's size affects how big the bowl is and how well the pipe can cool the smoke before it is inhaled. Larger pipes have bigger bowls, letting you pack more material. They also offer larger chambers, giving the smoke more space to expand and travel, creating a smoother smoking experience.

  2. Cleaning: You’ll need to regularly clean out your pipe to keep it from becoming harsh or foul-tasting. Make sure you find a pipe with openings in the bowl, mouthpiece, and carb that can easily admit pipe cleaners or be filled with solvent to remove any buildup of tar and resin.

  3. Durability: Look for a pipe that is constructed from thick, resilient glass. Avoid spoon pipes with thin glass, weak points, or protruding parts that can easily be snapped off.

How to Smoke Using a Spoon Pipe?

You can smoke from your spoon pipe just as you would any other smoking pipe. It doesn’t require any special technique or preparation. Just load your material into the bowl, cover the carb, apply your favorite heat source, and inhale! Just like that, you’re off to the races.

How to Load a Spoon Pipe?

You can load your spoon pipe with a small, loosely packed bundle of your favorite dried herb material. Cut or grind the herb until it is fine and loose. Packing too tight will restrict airflow and diminish the quality of your hit, or even clog the bowl. To help prevent clogging, you can add a small metal screen to the bottom of your bowl. This prevents larger material from being drawn into the bowl or chamber of the pipe.

How to Clean a Spoon Pipe?

Cleaning a spoon pipe is not difficult, as long as you follow these rules:

  1. Be sure to clean your spoon pipe regularly! You can quickly remove built-up residue with pipe cleaners or similar tools for scraping and scrubbing the interior of your pipe.
  2. But for a completely clean, opt for a glassware cleaning solution, or use some isopropyl rubbing alcohol. Submerse your pipe and let it soak, then drain and clean thoroughly with pipe cleaners.
  3. Be sure to rinse completely to remove all of your cleaning solutions. Allow your pipe to dry, and it ought to be as good as new!

It's important to clean your spoon pipe often to increase the durability and smoking experience.