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Special Blue

Special Blue Dab Torches

Special Blue Torches from The Weedipedia come with a good warranty from a brand you can trust, and they can do that because their product has been tried and proven by thousands of dabbers who all believe the Special Blue Torch is unbeatable. The fine-tuned reliability you'll get from your new Special Blue torch will save you two very important things – time and money. It has a robust, high-quality structure that you can feel the first time you pick it up. With the strong flame and its precise tip, you'll save time by heating your banger faster and having more dabs every session. You'll save money as well as time because your new Special Blue torch needs less butane gas to achieve your target temperature, which means less refills. These Monsters rock single or double flames and large tanks to keep you burning through the night. Get fired up!

What to Look for in a Good Dabbing Torch

Each person will likely want something different. As is the case with many things, picking the perfect torch is down to personal preference.

However, there are a few things that stand out, so look for the following when choosing a dabbing torch.

Safety Features & Precautions

While dabbing is a clean method of using marijuana, there are risks involved because many torches use butane. You can reduce the risk of accidents by ensuring the plug and nozzle fit tightly to avoid gas leakage. Flammable materials must remain away from the torch for obvious reasons.

There are now dab torches that have an automatic locking feature. However, narrow-based lights can get knocked out, a process that may cause a fire. We also recommend purging your torch before dabbing. A new torch could contain oxygen. Also, don’t fill up the chamber when using the torch for the first time. If it isn’t purged, it could extinguish the flame, or else it won’t allow the butane to flame up as it should.

Temperature Control

As we mentioned above, controlling the temperature means you can determine the type of aroma and taste you get. A low-temperature dab helps you get more flavor from the concentrate. As a bonus, you also benefit from smoother and longer hits. Alas, the vapor produced in this instance isn’t particularly thick or dense. It has milder effects and may also leave a little concentrate behind.

A high-temperature dab provides far more satisfying clouds of vapor, and it uses practically all of the concentrate. However, it also results in a decreased flavor intensity. Unless you have a nail that heats itself, the process is manual. As a result, focus on the things you can control, such as how long to heat the nail, and how long to cool it. You should also use a timer to help you arrive at the right temperature for your needs.

Suitability for Dabbing Type

In general, it is best to choose a torch that heats the nail quickly. However, proponents of the ‘low and slow’ approach argue that you don’t need a powerful torch. You only need the nail to reach a temperature of between 350 and 450 degrees in many cases. The result is a smoother, more flavorful pull. It is arguably easier on the lungs than other methods as well.

If you are all about the vapor, then you’ll likely prefer a more powerful torch capable of quickly heating the nail to 700+ degrees. Of course, this process will ensure that some of your concentrate is getting left behind.

Yet another form of dabbing is the cold-start method. Typically, you will achieve a low-temperature dab by pre-heating the nail and adding the concentrates. With the cold-start or reverse process, you place the material on a cold nail. If you go down this route, you are better off investing in a banger.

You may want a more powerful flame to get the nail to the right temperature ASAP. It is possible to heat the nail to a point where the concentrate bubbles and turns into vapor within 10 seconds. However, this method wastes a lot of concentrate, and you’re unlikely to get more than a single dab in a session. On the plus side, it is ideal if you are stuck for time.

Gas Type

In general, torches use butane or propane. Most experts believe that butane is the best option because it doesn’t impact marijuana’s taste or aroma. Also, propane torches are more prone to burning too hot, which makes them a more dangerous option. If you use propane, titanium dioxide is produced when the nail burns. Inhaling it can irritate the nose and throat at high temperatures, and it is also a possible carcinogen.