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Smoking Accessories

Smoking accessories and supplies

Bongs, Grinders, Rolling papers and much more

Weedipedia offer you the finest selection of smoking accessories. We supply everything you need to make your smoking experience as easy and fun as possible. Our collection includes hundreds of products that will bring your high to another level. The products vary from smoking necessities such as the biggest and baddest bongs to your favorite  data-mce-fragment="1">rolling papersfilters and tips, as well as everything to maintain your smoking goods. Don’t forget to order an extra grinder or cool new ashtray.

Maintaining your Smoking Equipment

Your smoking experience depends on three factors. The choice of your herbs, the vibe you’re in and, last but not least, your smoking equipment. Having the right equipment makes the difference between a great high and barely getting there. Even the best smoking equipment needs some maintenance every now and then. That’s why we help supply you with a broad range of bong cleanersscreens, filters and more to keep you going. These goods help you get the best out of your equipment to get you baked as never before.

Filters, Tips and more Essential Smoking Accessories

You can’t light up a smoke without any of the essential smoking goods. Therefore we have a lot of them. Our suppliers are dedicated to making the best products to help you light your smoke. Quality grinders make sure your herbs are grinded to perfection. Find all of our rolling papers, cones, blunts, filters and tips here. Do you want to know exactly how much you’re putting in your roll-up or you’ve still got left? Take a look at our extra precise collection of digital scales.

Rolling Machines

Do you want your roll-up to be easier or faster? We have just the thing to help you out. Check out our rolling machines section. We found the best rolling machines to get you up to speed. Keeping your herbs together is sometimes not as easy as it seems. That’s why we also offer a wide selection of rolling trays data-mce-fragment="1">.

Smoking containers to keep your stash safe

We know how important it is to keep your stash safe and dry, trust me. That’s why we have a collection of boxes, cans and tins to serve as a perfect stash box to keep your herbs as good as when you bought or grew them. Some of our stash boxes are designed to be airtight and help make sure nobody finds your delicious goods. Warning! No K-9 guarantee, you’ll be fine with hiding it from parents or fellow smokers that want a taste of your sweet herbs.

Did you know that some of our stash boxes even include room to store a lighter, smoking accessories or even have room for a small bong? Check them out now.

Accessories for your Bong or Dab station

For all of you that like smoking using a bong, we have just what you need. Smoking using this method is a lot of fun. Still in search of the perfect one? Check out our bong page or our mini bongs to find just the one for you. After making your choice for the perfect bong or dab station, don’t forget to choose the right accessories to accompany it with. You can choose between the following accessories:

Accessories for vaping using a Vaporizer

Do you prefer using a Vaporizer over a bong or dab station? We help you get your high the way you like it. Our vaporizer accessories include many items such as mouthpieces, nozzles, charging stations, vapor curves, and more.

Other smoking accessories you might need

We tried listing most of our items on this page for you, yet we have even more. Browse through the website to find more smoking accessories. For instance, you can take a look at our extraction systems or Nectar collectors .