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Silicone Bongs

Silicone Bongs

Silicone bongs and silicone dab rigs bring together the best of all worlds: Filtrated inhales on the go and on the down low. Made from powdery-smooth material that can fold every which way and take major heat, silicone bongs and oil rigs can be taken from the smallest room to the highest mountain. Stash it away easily with its own rubber band!

Are They Safe To Smoke?

Always. Yes. Silicone has a thermal resistance up to 600 degrees Fahrenheit (more than twice the thermal water level) and up to this stage will not degrade or leak toxins. The temperature is never reached by water in your silicone bong and even accidental exposure to heating and flames won't damage the silicone.

Why silicone water bongs are so great? 

Many people are now choosing Silicone Bongs as water pipes for both flowers and concentrates, because they are made from food grade silicone, are BPA-free, and offer many benefits over their glass bong counterparts:

  • Unbreakable - Silicone is much more flexible, and durable than glass
  • Easy to Clean - Heat resistant, and as easy as sticking in a dishwasher or cleaning solution.
  • Flexible - Bendable and much more convenience for traveling or on the go adventures like camping.
  • Environmentally Friendly - BPA Free, Medical Grade Silicone

Silicone bongs just won't break, no matter how hard you try. This makes them your perfect traveling companion. Don't worry about your precious bong breaking while being used or transported anymore. You can even fold your silicone bong to safe space while it's stored or folded into your bag.  Furthermore, silicone bongs look great and offer excellent smoking properties. 

Buy your own silicone bong 

Those haphazard smokers can have some real coin when they purchase an unbreakable bong. Not only are they affordable all on their own, but think of the saving from all the glass replacements you’d need with a more conventional bong. Silicone bongs are supremely portable. They can be squished, squeezed, and stuffed away without any concern for breaking them. Just make sure you drain the bong water first!

Fun to hold (and even more fun to smoke from,) silicone bongs are available in straight tube and beaker base styles. We’ve even got a few themed silicone bongs that take advantage of the creative flexibility of silicone. Pick up an eye-catching pumpkin bong, or a tie-dye inspired silicone showpiece. Naturally, we wouldn’t want you starting a fire. That’s why all of our silicone bongs are equipped with glass or metal bowls.

You’ll also find a metal inner stem which carries smoke to the water in the bong’s chamber. This design makes sure the silicone never gets in contact with much heat. That way you can be sure you’re smoking nothing but your herb!

We haven’t restricted the possibilities of silicone to bongs alone, either. Check out our silicone dab rigs and water pipes to find the silicone smoking implement perfectly attuned to your tastes.

Benefits of the silicone bong 

Silicone bongs do have some advantages over glass bongs. As already mentioned these bongs are perfect for the clumsy smoker. With your unbreakable bong, you can smoke anywhere and anytime. Because you can fold your bong and travel anywhere. 

  • The silicone is non-polar and therefore the resin less likely to stick. This makes cleaning your silicone bong easier than glass. Some are also dishwasher safe! 
  • Silicone has a high resistance to heat. You do not need to watch the flame every second. 
  • In the end the silicone bong is more affordable than glass bongs

How does a silicone bong work? 

A silicone bong works just like any other bong. Put your herbs or tobacco in the small bowl and fill the chamber with water. Light up the herbs or tobacco and inhale the smoke. The smoke will first enter the chamber with water, which smooths the hit. 

How to clean a silicone bong?

Cleaning a silicone bong is really easy, just throw out the leftover from the bowl and give in a rinse with water or some bong cleaner. Make sure your bowl is dry before adding new herbs and you're ready to go again. You can even throw some silicone bongs in the dishwasher!