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Rolling Papers, Cones & Pre-Rolls

The Best Rolling Papers for Joints

Joints have long been regarded as a friendly smoking strategy that is easy to share and popular. But if you're just getting into it, and with many experienced smokers, the thought of rolling one can be a little overwhelming. You've certainly been to a number of seshes where one person was the chosen joint roller, or one with unknown origins only miraculously appeared in your hand.

Not all rolling papers are identical in existence. Based on length and width, they come in varying sizes, based on how much weed you'd like to smoke in one go.

We carry a large variety of name-brand, pre-rolled cone rolling papers that are perfect for anyone that smokes a lot of blunts and doesn't want to roll papers. Some of the best brands of cones we carry are Vibes Rolling Papers, RAW, OCB, Randys and Higher Standards Cones brand. 

Materials Used:

Papers may be made from various materials as well.

  • ULTRA-THIN - The Ultra Thin Rolling Papers are just that: uber-thin. By using such thin paper you’ll experience more of your material’s, as opposed to the “paper ” of other brands. Your sessions will be full of flavor.
  • RICE - Rice Rolling Papers are a must-have for those who enjoy longer sessions. Rice paper burns slower than its hemp counterpart, so your sessions can be extended. The true flavor of your dry herb will flourish within these thin papers.
  • HEMP - Hemp Rolling Papers offer a classic experience. The natural hemp paper is thin enough for your material’s flavor to flourish and will burn slowly and evenly to ensure a comprehensive session.

All rolling papers have a strip of adhesive gum to allow the two ends to hold together. If you've ever seen someone lick a joint, that's what they're trying to turn on—like licking an envelope.

What Are Pre-Rolled Cones?

Pre-rolled cones are already rolled filters that can be filled with herbs that an individual wishes to smoke. Rather than having to deal with the rolling process, all one needs to do in order to use a pre-rolled cone is pack the cone with the herbs and close it off. If you get a pre-rolled joint which may also be referred to as a pre-rolled cone, then you will be receiving a joint that has already been rolled for you so that it is ready to smoke as soon as you receive it.

How Are They Made?

If you are referring to the pre-rolled paper cones themselves, most of the information about their construction can be found in the materials section above. When it comes to the process of making pre-rolled joints, the making of them varies. When it comes to pre-rolls, processes differ.

How to Properly Stuff Your Cone:

To properly stuff a pre-rolled cone, all you have to do is grind up your herb and begin filling the cone. You can lightly press down to pack more herb into your cone but make sure that you do not overstuff it or else you can increase the draw resistance or prevent the top from twisting shut completely. Once you’re satisfied with the amount of herb in your cone, twist the end of the cone shut and you’re ready to go.

Best Pre-Rolled Cones

If you’re looking for some of the best pre-rolled cones to use for your joint-making needs, here are our top three recommendations.

RAW Cones

RAW is a company that specializes in creating all-natural joint paper and related products for the smoking industry. Coming in Raw Cone sizes that match normal joints and reaching sizes as large as two feet, these cones are perfect for those who are more conscious about their health and want to smoke only the best quality.

Vibes Cones

If you’re looking for a more unique, flavorful experience, you may want to consider purchasing a pre-rolled cone from Vibes. Unlike many competitors, Vibes produces pre-rolled cones that are both flavored and completely transparent so that you can witness the entire process from packing to smoking your joint. These joints are also healthy to smoke and are made out of natural cellulose fibers, which is just another reason why you may want to look into this product.

Shine Cones

If you’re more interested in style and smoking like royalty, a Shine pre-rolled cone may be perfect for you. Shine pre-rolled cones are made out of 24K edible gold and are rather impressive to look at and smoke. If you want the finest, definitely check out the Shine pre-rolled cones.