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Recycler Bongs & Dab Rigs

About Recycler Bongs & Dab Rigs

Recyclers bongs are excellent dab rigs that work phenomenally with both flowers and wax & oil. These unique pipes function to keep water constantly moving within the chamber of your pipe, creating a whirlpool-like effect that provides full flavor at no expense to your lungs.

Recyclers bongs have quickly become very popular within the concentrate and dab scenes, as the condensed chambers and drag-free smoke of a recycler is ideal for terpene-rich sessions.

As you inhale, the smoke is pulled through the recycling chamber and into your lungs while simultaneously draining and replenishing the bottom chamber. These actions take place constantly, keeping water and smoke moving within the piece. Because water continues to percolate and bubble near the bottom of the neck, your smoke has no place to gather and get stale.

Benefits of Recycler Rigs

Recyclers have several benefits over typical water pipes and dab rigs. Because the smoke remains in contact with the water, it is thoroughly filtered for a cleaner and smoother hit! The thorough filtration makes it easy to take larger hits with more concentrate or dry herbs at a time. The recycler rig shape also functions as a splash guard.

How Does a Recycler Rig Work?

Recycler rigs have the same basic function as other dab rigs and bongs. This recycler design extends the water filtration process to cool the smoke down even more than usual. In addition to adding a smooth quality, smoking a recycler rig makes this an overall cleaner process.

The recycling process begins once smoke begins to fill the inside of the recycler rig. First, the smoke travels into the water reservoir. As the smoker continues to breathe in, the smoke and water travel together through tubes, which connect the chambers. This continues until the smoker ultimately inhales. With recycler rigs, you can achieve the clean, smooth bong rips or dabs that you have come to love every smoke session!

Scientific Glass Recycler Rigs

The complex network of pipes makes for an awesome modern look! Your recycler rig is sure to stand out in any piece collection. 

Recyclers usually consist of two chambers attached by intake and drain tubes. The first chamber your smoke hits holds the primary percolator of your pipe. It functions to filter the smoke and pull both smoke and water into the second chamber via the intake. This second chamber usually has a conical shape, forcing the water to spin in a whirlpool fashion.

Recycler Rigs for Dabbing Concentrates

Recycler rigs are the best way to consume your concentrates! Enjoy your flavorful concentrates by loading wax into the dab nail.

This type of dab rig or bong recycles the water back down into the percolator to create a continuous loop of filtration and airflow. This makes the recycler rig a really popular choice for dabbers because it means you can take huge dabs without getting any splash-back from the water. Normally, a nice well designed percolate could shoot water to up to your lips, but with a recycling chamber, it will cycle back into the funnel while releasing full flavored dabs and keeping your lips dry.

How to Use a Recycler Rig as a Bong?

Even though they’re called rigs, you can still use them as bongs! To smoke dry herbs, make sure you’re using a dry herb bowl with the correct joint size, and not a dab nail. Then, light your dry herbs and enjoy.