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Pyptek Pipes

About Pyptek Prometheus Pipes

PypTek is a Denver-based company that designs and engineers high-performing hybridized smoking products. Well respected in the pipe industry, PypTek is most well-known for their revolutionary American-made Prometheus glass pipes, which feature aerospace-grade aluminum exoskeletons for durable yet lightweight protection. PypTek’s high-quality smoking devices like the Prometheus Pipe are carefully constructed in Colorado by local machinists and glass blowers.

Why Choose A Pyptek Prometheus Pipe?

A pocket pipe is one of the most popular accessories for users to consume dry flower. While there are many pocket pipes to choose from, the PypTek Prometheus Pipe is a top choice if you’re interested in taking your pipe with you away from home, or are looking for a smoking pipe that offers a bit more durability.

For its Prometheus Pipes, PypTek surrounds a borosilicate glass bowl and stem with an aerospace-grade aluminum shell. Completely shatterproof, the durable aluminum shell on the Prometheus Pipe protects your pipe so you feel comfortable sliding it into any pocket, purse, or bag. The outer aluminum casing also makes the pocket pipe incredibly cool and ergonomically comfortable to handle.

While with most pipes, any leftover dry herb is difficult to keep, Prometheus Pipes come with a ‘Save-A-Bowl’ rubber band that covers the bowl so that any remaining herb is kept safe for later use.

Benefits Of Pyptek Prometheus Pipes

Using Pyptek Prometheus Pipes to inhale botanical materials like dry herbs is an extremely efficient consumption method compared to most. When you take a pull from the mouthpiece of a Prometheus Pipe, the active compounds within the botanical herb travel through the lungs and diffuse into the bloodstream almost instantaneously for quick natural effects.

Types Pyptek Prometheus Pipes Available

Pyptek offers unrivaled designs that blend the flavor-boosting benefits of borosilicate glass with a rugged and easy to handle exterior. PypTek Prometheus hand pipes offer an unparalleled satisfying portable smoking experience. A quick online search for ‘Prometheus Pipe Review’ or ‘Pyptek Pocket Pipe Review’ reveals just how appreciated this pocket pipe is to many dry herb consumers.

Available from PypTek in the Medical Marijuana, Inc. online store is the Prometheus Pocket Pipe.

Prometheus Pocket Pipe

The Prometheus Pocket Pipe from PypTek is a pocket-friendly dry herb pipe built with on-the-go use in mind. The Prometheus Pocket Pipe features a thermal-resistant borosilicate glass bowl and pipe shell that is encased in an ultra-durable, aerospace-grade aluminum exoskeleton that protects from breaking or cracking.

Slightly bigger than the PypTek Prometheus Nano, this ultra durable dry herb pipe also comes with a rubber strap that covers the bowl so you can save your session’s leftover herbs for later.

Where To Buy Pyptek Prometheus Pipes

Shop for Prometheus Pipes from Weedipedia today and begin enjoying the satisfying experience of smoking dry herb while you’re at or away from home. Weedipedia carries the PypTek Prometheus Pocket Pipe and other high-quality pocket pipes in our online shop.

New to smoking dry herb? Beginners can learn how to use pipes like the Prometheus Pipe from Pyptek, as well as get some guidance on which type of pocket pipe or other smoking accessory may be best for you through our collection of hand pipes.