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PYPTEK Glass And Metal Pipes

Ready for some adventure? No? Here, take a puff from this Pyptek pipe then. Couple of minutes and you'll be ready to head to the playground with me and my friend Cornelius for some American Ninja Warrior training.

PYPTEK brand is committed to sustaining durable and quality designs. Originally known as Prometheus back in 2013 we’ve continued to produce high-end all glass pipes that set a new precedence for the smoking experience.

Making of PYPTEK

PYPTEK has developed a strong reputation developing a full collection of products imagined, designed, and manufactured right here in the USA. Each product is unique, built and examined with exceptional precision by an entire team of craftsmen and engineers before it gets to you. The borosilicate glass inserts are handblown by individuals: real people, to make certain every glass insert is a flawless all-glass experience from mouthpiece to bowl. A simple, classic, and sustainable design sets the bar high for future innovations alike. No cutting corners, no cheap solutions, but a product created for every day use.

Why do You need To buy PypTek Pipes?

Pyptek says they've created a new kind of pipe - well, actually "pyp" - with their line of glass and aircraft-grade aluminum smoking accessories. The classic Pyptek Pocket Pipe is both portable and rugged, a custom borosilicate glass tube and bowl covered in an anodized 6061 aluminum exoskeleton, and fitted with shock-absorbing rubber gaskets and an ember-blocking smoke screen.

Pyptek pipes have 3 compatible concentrate attachments (sold separately) including an oil kit, domeless titanium nail, and carb cap.

In addition to the Pyptek Pocket Pipe model, Pyptek makes chillum-style Nano and steamroller-style Dreamroller pipes and the Titan, a big boy version of the standard Pocket.

Shop Our Range of Pyptek Pocket Pipe accessories and parts

Pyptek is a distinctive brand of premium pipes that are designed with the adventurer in mind. These stylish, highly durable pipes are proudly made in America using superior materials with precise craftsmanship. 

Spare parts for your Pocket Pipe are available by purchasing the Pyptek Pocket Pipe Bowl Kit and the Pyptek Pocket Pipe Glass Kit which are both available through Weedipedia. Both kits include a glass cone bowl, replacement mesh screens, rubber washer rings, and a Save-A-Bowl cone cover. The glass stem is included in the Pyptek Pocket Pipe Glass Kit only.