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Pulsar Accessories & Parts


Pulsar Vaporizer Parts & Accessories

Are you trying to find the perfect vape parts and accessories for your dry herb vapes or for dab vapes? you can find all the genuine vape parts and vape accessories here at Weedipedia!

Pulsar Vaporizers and Parts have perfectly blended fashion with functionality. Their product portfolio is awash with intricately designed and crafted vaporizers and accessories that fit every lifestyle. The company's vaporizers churn out rich, robust vapors with a simple push of a button. We want to ensure our customers that they receive and vape only the best products. Every purchase you make with us is guaranteed to be the real deal! We only deal with authentic Pulsar vaporizers parts and accessories at the best prices – never with fakes or replicas.

Pulsar RoK Vape Parts

Pulsar Rok is a favorite electric dab rig among the whole dabbing community. It has a slick, fashionable design that not only serves practical but also esthetic purposes.

These fashionable Pulsar Rok dab rig spare parts ensure smooth and flavorful vapor on the go. Finding genuine and durable spare parts for the Pulsar Rok dab rig, which not only offers temperature control but also improved smoke quality, can be a difficult task. We have got authentic, robust replacement parts, such as our borosilicate mouthpieces, beaker bases, dab caps, cloud collars and other replacement parts and accessories. Look no more!

Pulsar APX Vape Parts 

The APX line of portable vaporizers is intended to exceed expectations while being incredibly portable. They come in a variety of fun colors and eye-catching hand-drawn artist designs.

Get all of your Pulsar spare and replacement parts, as well as accessories, so you can get the most out of your vape! Get one of these mouthpieces, screens, stems, and other accessories for your Pulsar APX vaporizer today. The sturdiness of your Pulsar vapes is never compromised thanks to the use of durable materials like silicone and steel.