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Puffco Peak

About Puffco Peak Vaporizers

PuffCo vaporizers are among the most commonly used concentrate dabbing products. Puffco never falls for anything other than vape pens and cutting-edge laptop computers for vaporizer fans of all ages. Puffco's offerings are designed with the true dry herb and concentrate connoisseur in mind and manufactured in New York City.

The Puffco Pro was their first entry into the pen market. A coil-based vaporizer with basic temperature control, effectiveness, and reliability gave it a great reputation. Winning numerous awards, it was trendy for concentrate and oil use. The Puffco Plus was released later, using a ceramic dish-style atomizer. Puffco now offered both a coil and a dish-type pen vaporizer. 

Well known for making solid pen vaporizers that work well and are durable. Now even better known for the high-end concentrate/oil rig, the Puffco Peak.

What Is The Best Puffco Vaporizer?

The fact of the matter is that the best Puffco vaporizer for you will primarily depend on your unique combination of needs and preferences.

Although Puffco doesn’t necessarily release new models frequently, when they do, they are often groundbreaking in their design and implementation of technology.

While Puffco’s products have many similarities between them, they target specific audiences. For example, if budget is your top priority, their original Plus vape pen comes with a significantly lower price than their more recent Peak.

Furthermore, the Puffco Plus is targeted more toward individuals who require a wax vape pen to help them enjoy concentrates on the go. In contrast, the Peak is a tabletop device intended for in-home use. However, at 1400mAh, the Peak provides more than double thePlus's 650mAh battery power.

Finally, the Pro 2 is Puffco’s only standalone atomizer, which could be ideal if you want a 510-thread connection to attach it to the box mod of your choice.

What is the Peak?

Dubbed with a “Smart Rig,”the Puffco Peak is a portable electronic vaporizer engineeredfor cannabis concentrate consumers. The Peak device unlocks the true power of concentrates, providing the clearest expression of the potency, flavor, and effects of the plant they're derived from. This means you get the most efficient and enjoyable experience, faster and easier than ever before, with no learning curve.

The device's power and temperature settings are regulated by a single button on the device's base, making dabbing easy and simple. The Peak's technology automatically adjusts the heat and timing to provide the perfect hit, in what the company's website calls this "intelligent temperature calibration" and "haptic feedback." Additionally, the LED light band lets you know the heat cycles and battery level.

There are two different ways to load it with concentrate. You can preheat the device with the concentrate already loaded into the chamber. Or, for a more traditional dabbing experience, wait until the vaporizer reaches the right temperature before dropping a dab from the dab tool.

The Peak has opened the world to the benefits of extracts and concentrates. Now the Peak Pro takes dabbing to the next level. Let's dive into what the Puffco Peak Pro will bring to your next session!

What is the Peak Pro?

The Peak Pro is an electronic dabbing device that makes consuming concentrates as easy as pushing a button. As the first update to the original Peak, the Peak Pro further perfects an already stellar product by making subtle enhancements to both the design and technology that make this device stand out.

What's new in the Peak Pro?

The changes Puffco made on the Peak Pro constitute everything you would want in an update, like smoother hits, Bluetooth interface, and wireless charging, without changing the things that make this device so beloved in the first place. The water bubbler is cone-shaped, made from highly resistant glass, and has a double water capacity from the previous model. The Puffco Peak Pro also features a ceramic heating chamber optimized for regular smokers and allows users to monitor the heat through a small window. Let's break it down. 

The Peak Pro is sleek, stylish, and works incredibly well, especially given all the recent updates. There is no comparable device on the market in terms of style and quality. Yes, it's expensive, but it's worth it in this case. If you need more information, check out our new blog, Puffco Peak Vs. Puffco Peak Pro: Should you Upgrade?

Who Is the Puffco Peak Pro For?

Some vaporizers have a steep learning curve, but some are easy to use but left something to be desired for vapor production. The Puffco Peak Pro is the world's best concentrate vaporizer: quick to use e-rig, able to deliver full flavor profiles and ample cloud thickness. It's easy to load your concentrate with the Peak Pro, clicking the button twice, and then waiting for a pleasant buzz to let you know you're good to inhale.

Beginner e-rig users will appreciate the simplicity that the Peak Pro brings to sessions. Simultaneously, seasoned concentrate-heads will enjoy the level of temperature and session customization you can get into with the Peak Pro. What's great about this device is that it doesn't seem like you *have* to use it in either an uncomplicated or in-depth way; the device lets you discover what level of complexity you want to add to your vaporization process.

Is Puffco Worth It?

Whether referencing the Peak or the Plus, the reality is that Puffco sells some of the highest-priced electric dab rigs and pen vaporizers available. However, the company’s vaporizers also represent some of the most advanced and highest quality technology currently available, which could justify the higher price tags.

For example, you will not find Peak’s haptic feedback among most competitors, nor their proprietary atomizers and bowls, intelligent temperature calibration, or LED light band, if these are important to you. Ultimately, the choice comes down to your preferences and budget.

Where To Buy A Puffco Vaporizer?

Given their forward-thinking designs and technology, it is no wonder that Puffco has grown to become a top-rated vaporizer manufacturer among concentrate enthusiasts over the past several years. You will find Puffco’s vaporizers and accessories available at local head shops. If you are unsure where to buy, you can use the Store Locator feature on their website to find the location nearest to you.

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About Puffco

Puffco is one of the most loved brands by the community regarding high-quality and innovative portable vaporizers.

Their iconic next-generation dab rigs continue to innovate with their latest addition to the wax and concentrate vaporizers roaster, the Puffco Peak Pro.

The now-classic
 Puffco Peak lead the transformational change in the dabbing industry from glass dab rigs into the future of electric dab rigs.

Other signature products like their stylized Puffco Plus vape pen. A loading tool, splash guard, and carb cap all in one are combined in the Plus mouthpiece! There isn't a better handheld vaporizer if you want to vaporize concentrates. 3 heat settings; Sesh-mode functionality, Coil-less ceramic bowl, and their exquisitely designed accessories help elevate the brand to icon and reference in the vaporizers industry. 

Weedipedia is the official online vape shop for Puffco's portable dab rigs, vape pens, and accessories at the best prices! 

What Makes Puffco Stand Out?

If you wish, you can write a whole book about why Puffco vaporizers are so popular with vapors worldwide. However, you probably have better things to do (we love Puffco, but probably we wouldn't even read that book), so here is a quick overview of why these vapes get such excellent reviews:

1. Elegant Design

Stylish, classy, and luxurious are just a few ways to describe Puffco’s line of portable vaporizers. Each Puffco vape has its own distinct, natural design that is pleasing the eye and can help set the mood in any room. Puffco also made it possible to combine cutting-edge technology with the aesthetic beauty of custom-made glass, resulting in a one-of-a-kind design that attracts attention. Puffco goods combine cutting-edge technology and outstanding performance with elegant designs that are sure to impress.

2. Precision Temperature Controls 

Vaping at different temperatures can produce vastly different effects from the same material—a subtle experience at low temperatures can quickly become an intense one when the heat is turned up. Puffco vapes don't limit you to a single temperature, but they also don't overwhelm you with a bewildering array of hard options. Puffco's preset temperatures and simple controls allow you to customize your session to your precise preferences.

3. Large Oven Chambers 

Although Puffco vapes are excellent for people into micro-dosing and light use in general, they’re also perfect for group sessions thanks to their large, easy-to-load oven chambers. Many Puffco vapes come with a special loading tool that allows for a mess-free loading of even the stickiest concentrates. Once you’re set to go, you and your friends can pass around the Puffco for extended group sessions without having to refill after every few hits. 

Puffco Vape FAQs

Our Weedipedia team answers many questions about vapes every day—and Puffco is one of the most common topics. Here’s what people often want to know about them:

1. What’s the best Puffco Vaporizer?

It’s time for our favorite refrain, ‘It all depends on your needs and preferences!’ In just a minute, we’ll run through the best Puffco vapes for you, depending on your personal ‘vaper’s profile.’ 

2. Are Puffco vaporizers worth it?

There is obviously a subjectivity aspect here, so the answer seems an unquestionable yes (for most people). According to customer reviews, these are well-constructed devices that are free of common bugs or design defects that tend to last for long.

3. Can you use the dry herb with Puffco vapes?

Puffco vapes are designed to be used with solid concentrates, like wax, shatter, budder, or resin. Having said that, it is possible to use dry herbs with some Puffco models. Just be aware that the temperature range is typically higher on these devices than on dry herb vaporizers, so you might find yourself feeling the effects a bit more. 

4. Where can you buy Puffco vaporizers? 

As befits one of the world’s most popular vape brands, Puffco vaporizers can be found in hundreds of marketplaces across the internet. Buyer beware, though: fakes are unfortunately common, and that £30 brand new Puffco from a no-name website of indeterminate origin is almost certainly counterfeit. The good news is that the most Online Headshop, Weedipedia carefully inspects each shipment to ensure it’s legit, so you don’t have to look too hard to find a great new Puffco vape. 

5. How long do Puffco atomizers last? 

It can be tough deciding how often to replace your coil. Your coil's lifespan can depend on how often you use it and the temperature at which you vape at. It also depends largely on how often you clean and how heavily you use your vape. Under normal conditions, atomizer coils typically last around 1-3 months. You might be able to extend that timeframe with regular cleaning (and the opposite is obviously true as well; if you never clean your vape, the atomizer can become unusable in just a few weeks). 

6. What’s New in Puffco’s Collection?

Puffco Peak PRO: electric rig just released! New for 2020! 

New Puffco Peak Pro represents a new standard for concentrate consumption technology. It offers the highest level of customization and control to dial in the exact experience you're looking for. The new Peak Pro chamber is the engine for the entire device. The sensor embedded inside the chamber communicates with your peak pro, keeping your temperature exactly where it needs to be regardless of how hard - you inhale or how much oil you put in.

The App allows you to unlock a new world of capabilities within your Peak Pro, providing an unparalleled level of control. If you're a fan of water pipes, you'll appreciate the aquatic element of this remarkable device. The peak pro also features wireless charging.

The Puffco Peak Pro Power Dock (sold separately) is the perfect home base to charge your Peak Pro Vaporizer wirelessly. It also acts as a portable power bank, allowing you to charge your Peak or other USB electronic devices on the go. The field of 'E-Nails' devices that combine the power of an electric dab rig with the convenience of a vaporizer is rapidly expanding.

The Conclusion of Puffco Vaporizers

Puffco vapes are the best friend of concentrate lovers, and they can also be used for flowers, as we have said if you want to. But Puffco vapes really shine with wax and shatters, and it's almost a disgrace to be used for everything else (like putting regular petrol in a Ferrari).

That said, the low price and long-lasting longevity mean that you get a vape that can hold up to everyday use every time it goes off the table without sending you a panic attack. There is a reason why Puffco is among the trusted names in the vaping world, and they complement each vaper's set excellently.