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Portable Vaporizers

Portable Vaporizers

One of the simplest and most healthy ways to enjoy your dry herbs is to choose a portable vaporizer as a delivery method. At Weedipedia, our purpose is to offer you a wide range of the best brands while at the same time providing lower prices. Although we aim to give you the best prices, we would also like to point out that some manufacturing companies have stringent pricing rules for their goods. The MAP price rules are implemented by some of the most popular brands like Storz & BickelArizer, DaVinci, Puffco and Dr. Dabber. Now we have it, of course, we're going to say everything you need to know about portable vaporizers.

What Is A Portable Vaporizer?

Portable vaporizers are compact, handheld units that enable "on-the-go" consumption of dry herb and wax concentrates. These devices are growing ever more popular as a way to vape in a discreet, convenient manner. But there's more to them than portability. They harness great power inside their stealthy-sized frames with high capacity batteries, advanced heating systems, and temperature control capabilities. The surprisingly feature-rich nature of these compact units makes them one of the most popular types of handheld vapes. Check out our list of the Best Portable Vaporizers and see if you need the best of the best.

The best portable vaporizers will have elite features that enhance your vaping experience. Models like the Crafty+PAX 3, DaVinci IQ2, and Firefly 2+ are at the forefront of the industry, featuring cutting-edge controls, heating systems and designs. In short, handheld vapes are for those who want portability with no shortage of vapor quality.

How Do Portable Vaporizers Work?

Vaporizers work by either using the conductive method or convective heating. Compatible with a variety of materials (e-juice, essential oils, concentrates/wax and dry herb) portable vaporizers heats your chosen material then transforms it into vapor.

Conductive heating works by heating your materials through direct contact. Meaning these devices work by heating the surface which allows the user to place the desired amount of materials on the surface.

Convection devices on the other hand heat the air around the product in the chamber. Convective units transfer the heated air to heat the materials indirectly. Often users will prefer convection devices as they are better at heating your materials without burning them.

What features do you need?

What features are important to you in a vaporizer? Digital temperature control is great, but if you’re new to vaporizing, you can probably get by with a low-medium-high control scheme while you get your feet wet (your first vaporizer probably won’t be your last). One person might like a vape that vibrates when it reaches temperature, but another might think that draws unwanted attention. Manual vaporizers put more control in the tinkerer’s hands, while others serve the vapor up ready-to-go, without any thinking. From flame-powered to bluetooth-enabled, there’s a feature set that’s right for you.

Benefits of Using a Portable Vape

Simply put, there are many benefits to purchasing a portable vaporizer. The most apparent benefit is that these kinds are not limited to home use and can be taken almost anywhere, including on vacation. Because they are small enough to fit in your hand or pocket, they are often referred to as pocket vaporizers or handheld vaporizers. As a result, these devices are extremely discreet, which is a feature that many herbal users appreciate. More importantly, due to the health benefits, these devices are one of the better alternatives to conventional smoking. When you smoke tobacco, you inhale hundreds of carcinogens into your bloodstream, which can harm your body.

When you smoke tobacco, you're inhaling hundreds of carcinogens into your bloodstream, which can cause lung damage. You will avoid this with a portable vape so your herbs will not be heated past the point of combustion, making it much healthier for you. If you have any health problems or problems with your lungs, vaping should be the only choice you consider.

Are Portable Vaporizers More Advanced?

Compared to e-cigs, portable vaporizers typically provide excellent performance and advanced technologies. This means they offer a lot more features in a compact, mobile frame. For example, some handheld vapes like the Wulf UNI Cartridge Vaporizerby Wulf Mods allow users to vape anytime, anywhere as its discreteness allows for convenient use anywhere. Other portable vaporizers will even allow vapers to charge the battery while still vaping.

Best of all, these devices often offer temperature control, allowing you to select your desired temperature for extra customization. This allows you the user to have complete control and vape how you want to. The traditional e-cig pens do not have this feature.

Why Should I Get A Portable Vaporizer?

Your vaping device should all depend on your budget and needs. A traditional device or bigger unit is typically more solidly built than a portable unit but often costs a whole lot more. Portable devices offer use with a variety of materials like oil, wax, concentrates, e-liquid and dry herbs all in a completely compact frame. Even though smaller in size, they deliver pure, potent vapor on the go. Some even offer multiple uses all in one device like the EVRI 3-IN-1 by Dip Devices or the Yocan X Kit Pod System by Yocan.

What’s the Price Range of Portable Vapes?

People who have commitment issues like the less expensive compact lightweight vaporizers. Simple units are popular in lower-cost systems (nothing fancy). A high-end carry-on vape costs more than $200 and, as expected, has a lot of bells and whistles. Around the middle of the price spectrum, mid-range vaporizers offer stronger vapor as well as some extra features.

At this price point, you'd get to find the finest compact vaporizers on the market. Not only are they well-made, but they also generate excellent vapor. Bluetooth temperature sensor, a large heating chamber, fast charging, and longer battery life are all potential features on these smartphones. Now that you know what portable vaporizers are, be sure to check out our exhaustive list here on Weedipedia!

Where to Buy a Portable Vaporizer

There is no better place to go than Weedipedia if you need a high-quality device. Weedipedia provides only the best portable vaporizers, accessories, replacement parts, and so much more.