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Portable Dab Rigs

Portable Dab Rigs

The rise of portable e-rigs completely revolutionized dab culture. Prior to technology redefining this genre over the past decade, dabbing was considered a sketchy corner of cannabis consumption, nothing like the futuristic market we see today. 

What's a Portable Dab Rig?

Unlike regular dab rigs, portable dab rigs (both of which are largely focused on vaporizing concentrates) are powered by a battery, not a butane or propane torch. The way that portable dab rigs work is simple: typically, the controller box is connected to the e-nail via a heated coil. One charge of a portable dab rig battery usually last from 40-60 dabs, depending of course on the battery itself. Some batteries claim that they can last up to 150 uses!

Most portable dab rig batteries allow you to adjust the temperature, much like you would with a vape pen. While certain batteries might only have low and high modes, some batteries come with the ability to modulate the temperature between 300-900+ degrees Fahrenheit, perfect for both low and high temperature dabbers. Some even allow you to operate the battery based on wattage rather than temperature. Regardless of which type of temperature gauging you prefer, the heating consistency of these rigs mean you can leave the laser temperature gun at home with the lighters, a relief for people who are tired of the heat-up/cooldown cycle.

Why Portable Dab Rigs?

you’re an on-the-go smoker. You don’t have time to sit around and wait for a dab rig to heat up, or the time to fill it with water, or the time to clean it all up afterward. You want to smoke quickly, discretely, and have something that is easy to take with you at any moment.

Portable dab rigs (or oil rigs, wax rigs) are perfect for outdoor travelers, you can take your portable dab rig with you anywhere you want, some of the smaller dab rigs are even small enough so you can put it in your pocket! Most of the portable dab rigs are under 7"(or 25cm) tall so makes them extra easy to pack in your backpack or suitcases! 

Types of Portable Dab Rigs

    Portable dab rigs, often called enails, are riding the wave started by the cannabis and wellness industries. Today's consumers want higher impact cannabis without lung damage. The torch-and-burn rig set up with nail was the only option available before portable dab rigs.

    Portable dab rigs are powered by a battery instead of a butane torch. The base or controller box joins the nail and a battery that heats it. The concentrate goes on the hot nail, producing vapor. But apply too much heat and your dabs go up in smoke, and not in a good way. 

    What makes this the best portable dab rig?

    Portable dab rigs powered by batteries on the market today offer freedom from the heat and stigma attached to torches, not to mention more precise temperature control. With that comes smoother, tastier dabs filled with richer terpene profiles and more impressive psychoactive effects—and even a noob can achieve them.

    Portable e-nail rigs are smaller, simpler units compared to the bigger desktop models, but they still use a glass mouthpiece, some form of heating element, and a power source. Some rigs are battery-powered, while others attach directly to a vape mod 510 connection.

    Still, even the modern torch-and-burn portable dab rigs are really impressive. And for dabbers who love absolute control of temperature in the palm of their hand—at least as far as their sense of touch can afford them—these torch dab rigs are still appealing.

    Anyway, they are powered, portable dab rigs are by far the best way to get both the flavor a true aficionado wants and the portable package anyone who is on-the-go needs. An enail rig can remove any perceived “druggie” element out of things, not to mention the potentially eyebrow-singing aspects of the process. Or, an old-school torch plus a new-school, the high-quality build can give you years of performance.

    How to Use a Dab Rig?

    • Step One: power the dab rig on.
    • Step Two: Select your optimal temperature. Remember, you don’t want to overheat it, especially if it’s a dry herb.
    • Wait while it heats up to the optimal temperature.
    • Use a small amount of wax/concentrate (they call it a “dab” for a reason– so use a small amount).
    • Put the dab of concentrate on the hot nail as you inhale the vapor.
    • If there is a carb cap, use it on top of the nail while you inhale.

    Pros and cons: Electric dab rig materials

    A titanium nail is what you see most in these rigs because titanium that is Grade 2 or higher quality is safe to inhale, lower-cost, and long-lasting. It also heats quickly, which is nice. The trouble with titanium nails is apparent as soon as you inhale if you love concentrates. They just don’t taste as good coming off of these dab nails. Ceramic dab nails are in many newer electric dab rigs for just that reason. Ceramic tastes delicious is fairly simple to use and doesn’t retain heat the way metals do.

    On the other hand, it certainly takes longer to heat ceramic. And I’ve had my heart broken by more broken ceramic dab nails than I can count because that is ceramic’s other flaw: it is fragile. Oh, and one more tiny complaint: ceramic starts looking kind of gross and stained pretty quickly, if that bothers you. Quartz nails are the flavor fan’s best friend. This is not because these dab nails taste that much better than ceramic, but more because they have the best overall safe, delicious heat.

    On the downside, quartz nails take more time than, say, metal, to heat. They are also breakable. But if flavor counts for you, there isn’t yet a way to escape breakable pieces completely.

    How much does a portable dab rig cost?

    A portable dab rig will typically cost approximately $300 to $400. I know, not cheap, especially the newer E-Nail kits. Just like everything else in life, you get what you pay for. If you’re new to dabbing and unsure what you like or what matters to you, it may make sense to save your money.

    Some of the cost of many of these models is definitely about the power source. Torch-and-burn models still offer a lot more in the way of saving money, as do smaller box mods. The rest of the difference is often about whether or not there is water filtration, how fancy the user experience is, and the quality of the build and materials. Better builds, higher quality nails, and more advanced features such as precision temperature control come at higher price levels. This translates into a superior vaping experience, so if you do prefer dabbing, it’s a worthwhile investment to get the right portable dab rig.

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