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Portable Bongs

Portable Bongs

Looking for a portable smoking system with all the advantages of water filtration, a portable bong is a perfect choice. You've come to the best online head shop for small bongs. The portability is the great advantage of small bongs. You can carry a little bong with you. Put it in your bag, and you're ready to go!

Weedipedia is an official retailer for leader brands in the bongs industry like Higher Standards, GRAV, MJ Arsenal, Eyce and many more. Discover our curated selection of bongs from high quality glass or silicone or electric bongs.

Explore our extensive collection of bongs accessories for all brands.

The advantages of Portable Bongs

The biggest benefit, you would expect, is optimum portability, but there is more to make these little bongs great. They are smaller and easier to hide. They are often easy to manage when smoking, and you certainly won't smoke the whole stash at once, so you frequently have a smaller bowl.

What’s A Portable Bong?

A portable bong is a scaled down bong as you would imagine. In a box that normally stands about 5" or 6" wide, you can find almost all characteristics of a standard bong. While the bongs are smaller than average, they can still be loaded to refreshing smoke with proper water.

Our portable mini bongs are everything you could imagine from a normal bong, which has only made handling a little easier. You're going to find solutions fitted with ice catchers, mini bongs with percolators, mini dab rigs, micro bongs, and other exciting mini smoking devices!

Why Buy A Portable Bong?

When it comes to glass bongs, the volume of glass used is the most important price factor. Since our mini bongs use less glass than a conventional setup, you save money right away. Portable bongs are the perfect size to bring with you while you're out and about. Bring them with you all day, all day, and enjoy the wonderfully filtered hit on the road.

Things To Consider When Buying A Portable Bong

Most basic Portable bong features can be seen on a mini bong, but the first thing to consider is whether you want something special, such as percolators or an ice catcher. These features will help cool and filter your smoke, enhancing the consistency of your bong hits. If portability is a priority, search for a compact bong with less long protruding pieces that can easily break off.

Are Portable Bongs Worth It?

A portable bong is a real treat if you know what you're looking for. They're not the kind of giant party bong you bust out when it's time to party. Mini bongs are a safe, soothing, and dignified way to get rid of your cache. Perhaps with a little assistance, but maybe not.

Cool Portable Bongs

The diminutive size of our mini bongs has done nothing to diminish their maker’s creativity! We are continually finding exceptionally cool mini bongs that smoke as good as they look.

Take a look through some of the most inspired pieces of glass, mind-bending displays of artistry, and some exceptionally cute mini bongs for sale, all here at Weedipedia!

Besides the coolest bongs, you'll also find multiple cute baby bongs. We've got the cutest bongs for sale. Once you see one of those bongs, we know for sure that you'll fall in love with them.