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Pipes Under $20


Cheap Hand Pipes Under $20

Do you want to buy high-quality pipes online on a budget? Weedipedia has put together a selection of the best Pipes under $20. Our online cheap Pipes are low in price but best in quality.

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What Pipes are best for Smoking On-the-go?

Spoons, one-hitters, and chillums are great pipe choices for smoking on-the-go. Glass pipes are small, easy to use, and don’t require water, making them perfect for the ski lift, around the campfire, at a concert, on the beach or even just on your friend’s couch.

Smoking pipes like the spoon pipe have a straight stem with a bowl for dry herb. The carb cap on a spoon pipe is located on the side of the bowl. One-hitters and chillums are straight pipes where one end is the mouthpiece and the other end holds a small amount dry herb.

There typically isn’t a carb on these smaller glass water pipes. All three varieties of hand pipes are very small and portable. The spoon pipe holds the most herb, followed by the chillum and the one-hitter.

Blast off with the GRAV Mini Classic Sherlock in our online pipe shop, which is portable in size, With a sharp crimp and an inverted mouthpiece that both catch ash, surprisingly deep bowl and will catch eyes with its rich swirling colors and handblown craftsmanship.

If you’re on a budget, we have high quality yet cheap glass pipes under $20 like the GRAV® Beaker Spoon Pipe, GRAV Classic Steamroller and our Haring Taster", K.Haring Taster for just $19.95 each, so you can swap them out depending on the occasion. You can learn more here about how to smoke a pipe, how to clean a glass pipe, and types of glass pipes for sale.