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Want to buy Oozelife online?

We carry the full line of Ooze wax and dry herb vape pens. dab pens, atomizers, coils, dabbers and more! Browse the collection of portable Dab Pens & Batteries for sale at Weedipedia.

What's Ooze? 

Ooze is a company that started developing vape products and smoking/vaping paraphernalia back in 2007. Known for its affordability and colorful designs, Ooze products are perfect for those who are just starting to vape and are looking for cheaper options than what they would find in most online and in-person stores. The Ooze line of products feature items such as: 

Ooze Vaporizers and Dab Pens

Ooze’s line of vaporizers mostly consists of vape pens, with a few interesting additions here and there like the Ooze Duplex dual extract vape. Overall, Ooze’s vaporizers are portable and affordable, sticking to the convenient vape pens that we saw at the beginning of the vape trends. Simply choose your desired product, get the 510 vape cartridges needed to vape your substance, twist, and go. The good news is that Ooze does have some products that focus on dab concentrates, which means that you are able to vape oil concentrates as well as wax concentrates. 

If you want a simple experience that does not include any of the complex operations that most new vape products require, Ooze vaporizers will be an excellent fit for your needs. 

Ooze Batteries 

As it is with most vape pens, the bottom portion is the battery that serves to heat up your vape cartridges. Ooze batteries will vary in quality, with the more expensive options (which are still well below $100) providing you with improved battery life, heat levels, and heating time. When you begin shopping for an Ooze product, make sure to pay close attention to the features listed for each available product. If you choose a battery that will not perform to your expectations, your purchase can be very unsatisfying. 

Ooze Water Pipes 

Ooze is one of those brands that focuses not only on vaporizers but on smoking and vaping as a whole. Despite its popular vape products, Ooze offers an impressive selection of silicone/glass water pipes and bubblers that allow you to enjoy your dry herbs and wax concentrates as well. If you enjoy both vaping and smoking (and often worry about your pieces breaking as a result of travel or other common use issues), consider taking a look at Ooze’s water pipes and buying one for yourself. 

Ooze Hand Pipes 

Along with their vast array of water pipes, Ooze also offers affordable hand pipes that you can use to quickly hit your dry herbs when the need arises. Like the water pipes, Ooze hand pipes are made of both silicone and glass, offering you the protection that you need to keep your pipe safe in any situation. As it is with all of their products, these pipes are quite colorful and exciting to look at as well!