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One Hitters & Chillums

About One Hitters & Chillums

Weedipedia offers a nice collection of chillums for sale. If you think a chillum is the right kind of pipe for you, you can always look to Weedipedia to carry a variety of awesome and high-function chillums. Weedipedia is always interested in stocking new and innovative pieces, so keep looking back and you might just find the chillum of your dreams

What is a Chillum Pipe?

This is also known as “one-hitters” or “bats,” chillums are simple hand pipes that were first used by Hindu monks and holy men in India. It is believed that these monks have used chillums for thousands of years, before tobacco was even introduced in India.

Chillums and one-hitters have been associated with spirituality and meditation throughout Asia and Eastern Europe, but the chillum reached western popularity during the 20th century. Chillums grew in popularity for their strong and direct rips, usually more powerful than the average dry handpipe. Now, chillums are considered a trendy and portable hand pipe style and can be found in abundance at any local headshop.

The heavier hit characteristic of a chillum is due to the absence of a carb. As a result, there is less control over the airflow in a chillum. This means the bowl in a chillum will burn as long as the flame can sustain itself. Due to their size, chillums are best lit at a 45 degree angle to prevent dry herb from falling to the floor.

Traditionally, clay chillums are smoked using a closed fist and positioned between the middle finger and ring finger. This makes chillums a sweet choice if you’re under the weather and smoking with your friends!

What is a One Hitter?

The one hitter, sometimes referred to as the chillum or taster, is one of the oldest and quickest methods of lighting up. Smaller than a traditional spoon pipe, the simple design of a one hitter pipe results in one of the most affordable glass pieces available.

Most one hitters have two holes, the mouthpiece, and the bowl compartment. That is the classic design, however, chillums are not limited to just a mouthpiece and bowl set up.

One hitter and chillums are available in various colours, designs and materials.

At Weedipedia, we stock a fantastic range of one hitter and chillum pipes from top brands, such as Empire Glassworks and PypTek, for every budget.