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My Bud Vase

About My Bud Vase

The entrepreneur from South Carolina, Doreen Sullivan, had a vision when she founded My Bud Vase, from a symbol of ambitious youth to a culture of fine art. With this in mind, she turned her interest in antiquity into a business where she seeks out distinctive flower vases and converts them into pipes by adding downstems and bowls. Each piece is given a unique name based on its attributes, such as “Buttercup” for a small yellow vase or “Pig Tails” for a vase with large side handles.

My Bud Vase was founded with the goal of creating beautiful, useful pieces of art that can make a statement even while serving as a great asset to your smoking collection. Each piece is handcrafted to tell a unique story.

Because of their thorough attention to aesthetics, my Bud Vase designs are ideal for weddings and high-end occasions. Each vase is a fantastic addition to the elegant smoker's collection, as functional pieces with a feminine touch.

How to Use My Bud Vase Bong?

  • Fill it up: Fill your vase bong with just enough water to cover the tip of the downstem, inside the bong. They also carry Piece Water, an all natural water pipe filtration liquid here.
  • Break it up: Break up or grind your flower, and pack the slide bowl: not too loose, but not too tight. There needs to be sufficient air-flow.
  • Tilt it up: Place your packed slide bowl in the downstem of your My Bud Vase®. Tilt the vase to your mouth, light your bowl, and slowly inhale.
  • Finish it up: When you have filled the bong with smoke, pull the slide bowl out and inhale the remaining smoke.
  • Clear it up: Use your included flower poker to clear your bowl when it gets clogged.

How Do You Clean Your My Bud Vase?

  • Empty it out: Remove the slide bowl, and empty all used water out.
  • Mix it up: Use a little isopropyl rubbing alcohol (we prefer 91%) and coarse salt (rock or ice cream salt work great, but regular table salt works as well)- use 1/4c isopropyl alcohol, or less depending on your bong & 4-5Tbsp salt.
  • Seal it up: Seal downstem hole opening and vase mouth opening with your hands. Shake it up: and shake until resin comes off.
  • Raise it out: Rinse bong well with warm water- we highly recommend that you do not put your My Bud Vase® in the dishwasher.
  • Soak it up: Soak the slide bowl in your alcohol/salt solution for a couple of hours- rinse clean with hot water. If the residue is still there, consider soaking longer and using pipe cleaners to scrub with cleaning solution.
  • Save it all: We recommend that you save your cleaning solution for future use- it can be used 4-5 times before throwing away.

    Our Best Selling My Bud Vase Bongs

    My Bud Vase® is crafted from a variety of materials (glass, porcelain, ceramic) with every detail carefully designed and made; from the bowl, to the decorative accoutrements, to the curated floral arrangement (that also doubles as a flower poker to clear your bowl). This attention to detail and their mission to celebrate the spirit of cannabis and the power of femininity are evident in every beautiful piece. Every bong has its own story and identity.



    Stare in awe as Aurora's iridescence shines like a beacon of creativity. An electrical phenomenon characterized by her natural display of colors. Lustrous and luxurious, the magnetism can be felt as you hold this vase.



    The lone Coyōté is believed to be the harbinger of life and the symbol of new birth.  It is an animal who is associated with cleverness and deception. A Coyōté is a transformer and a shapeshifter. 



    This is Stardust, This is golden and This has got to get back to the garden, (or perhaps she's got to get to the center of your entertaining table) because this lovely bong will leave a lasting impression.