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Mini Dab Rigs

Mini Dab Rigs

The easiest way to get great flavor from your dabs is by Mini Rigs. For dab vapor to stick to and a minimal water line, small dab rigs have fewer surface space. You taste the dab quicker and retain the power of the strike as you hit a narrower path within a dab rig. Among dab fans, mini oil rigs are common and are an inexpensive pipe to pick.

Types of Dab Rigs

What are Mini Dab Rigs?

The mini dab rig is an increasingly popular method for consuming herbal concentrates and extracts, providing a portable, pure and exhilarating experience for both beginners and advanced users alike.

Very similar to traditional bubblers, mini dab rigs function in much the same way, with one very important difference: mini dab rigs are better equipped and designed to handle high potency concentrates and extracts. By miniaturizing traditional dab rigs, we not only make mini dab rigs more portable but we reduce the volume of air inside to enhance the flavor profile of your concentrates. Less air = more flavor!

For those that have experienced the difference of a mini dab rig vs a traditional bubbler you already know what we’re talking about. For those that haven’t, what are you waiting for? Give the mini dab rig a whirl during your next session and let us know what you think!

Elevate the ordinary dab rig, and make it a mini dab rig by MJArsenal.

What is the Mini Dab Rig Best Suited for?

As mentioned, the mini dab rig is best used for concentrates and extracts. These forms of your favorite herbs have a MUCH higher percentage of “active” compounds in them, providing an experience like no other.

Unlike dry herb, concentrates don’t always need combustion to produce aromatics of the active ingredients and the aroma we all know and enjoy, making them a healthier, safer and more pleasant way to enjoy.

How do Mini Dab Rigs Work?

These miniature versions of your standard dab rig work in much the same way that water pipes have for hundreds of years. However, the specific setup of a mini dab rig provides a smoother, stronger and arguably purer experience, designed to optimize vaporization and cooling as well as maximizing flavor. Our mini dab rigs use a variety of unique percolator styles used to break up the smoke/vapor into tiny bubbles, as well as, functions to guide water and vapor through the dab rig, hot vapor is mixed with cooling water to create a rich and flavorful vapor that is cooled down for your consumption.

Mini Dab Rig Accessories – do I need any?

At Weedipedia we carry just about everything you could possibly need for your next session. Weedipedia is always stocked up and ready to equip you with whatever bubbler and mini dab rig accessories you could ever need!

From our feature line of mini dab rigs to replacement quartz, tools, accessories and even apparel…we’ve got you covered. That said, there isn’t much else you need to enjoy your new mini dab rig. Each bubbler comes with everything necessary to get you started right out of the box (all you need is your concentrate/extracts and a flame!). Don’t forget to step your mini dab rig game up with one of our custom made carb caps.

With Mini Dab Rigs, It All Comes Down to Personal Preference

When it comes to enjoying your favorite concentrate or herb, personal preference will always be the driving force behind which setup is best for you.

That said, if the mini dab rig trend and popularity is any indicator, then it’s something you won’t want to miss out on. Minimize harshness, maximize flavor.

We are proud to have helped thousands of consumers convert to the mini dab rig vs a traditional dab rig once they can experience first hand the superior function and flavor.