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Metal Pipes

About Metal Pipes

Metal pipes are ideal for any smoker, if they are new to the habit or a seasoned veteran. Metal pipes often have a rubber or wood barrier to prevent them from becoming too hot to touch. Metal smoking pipes are available in a variety of colors and designs, and it's all about working out which one is right for you!

What is Metal Pipe?

A smoking pipe is made of a metal material is called metal pipe. Aluminum, stainless steel and brass are the often used metals. Tobacco metal pipes come in many shapes and sizes. You can choose a basic straight pipe or something nearer to the shape of a classic smoker's pipe.

Or go for something a little different. If you’re looking for stealth, there are an assortment of metal pipes camouflaged as a common cigarette. These are often included as part of a dugout system, which features a small carrying case designed to conceal your pipe.

Why choose a Metal Pipe?

Metal pipes have many advantages. They can be quite affordable, with cheap metal pipes priced at only a few bucks. For people who are not too good at glassware, this saving can be seriously compounded.

Metal pipes are virtually indestructible compared to glass pipes. Because metal is a strong conductor of heat, metal pipes can get quite toasty. It would help if you exercised a little bit of extra caution when working with them. To help handle the heat, many metal pipes incorporate silicone or rubber mouthpieces or surfaces for handling.

How To Clean Smoking Metal Pipes?

In order to keep your new metal smoking pipe working well, you will need to clean it every once in a while. This is our preferred method on how to clean a metal smoking pipe with a rubber mouthpiece.

To clean a metal smoking pipe, make sure you have: Alcohol - Isopropyl alcohol 70% is ideal, but you can also try vodka or whiskey that's at least 140 proof. The stronger the alcohol is, the less soaking the pipe will need. Follow these steps-

  • Take apart pipe - Remove rubber mouthpiece and the screen. Unscrew and remove the cap. It’s easiest to poke the screen out from the back end with something blunt, like a paper clip.
  • Clean the pipe - manually Scrape out as much tar and residue as you can from the bowl. A paper clip works well. A pipe cleaner can be used for tight spaces.
  • Soak the metal parts of the pipe in cleanser - Soak cap, bowl and screen (unless replacing) in isopropyl alcohol (or your favorite cleaner from the head shop) for at least an hour.
  • Rinse the pipe parts - Remove pipe from cleanser and rinse under hot water. You may need to scrape around walls with a toothpick or paper clip while rinsing to remove any residue. If not all residue can be removed, repeat steps 3 and 4.
  • Put pipe back together - Replace screen and rubber mouthpiece as needed.

Frequently Asked Questions!

Are metal pipes good for smoking?

Metal pipes are mostly used for personal smoking because they tend to heat up quicker than pipes made from other materials. If you're looking for a pipe to smoke by yourself, a metal pipe is perfect.

What is a metal smoking pipe used for?

A Metal Tobacco Pipe is a discreet Way to Relax and Enjoy the Aromatic Earthy Fragrances of Your Favourite Herbal Blend. Metal smoking pipes give the creator flexibility to create subtle designs that don't appear to be smoking devices.