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Metal Pipes



Metal pipes are great for any smoker, whether you’re just starting out or are a seasoned veteran. These pipes are generally made of anodized aluminum, brass or steel. To help protect pipes from getting hot to the touch it is common for metal pipes to have a rubber or wood barrier. Metal smoking pipes come in many different colors and designs, and it’s all about finding which one fits your needs!

Why Choose A Metal Pipe?

Metal pipes are mostly used for personal smoking because they tend to heat up quicker than pipes made from other materials. If you’re looking for a pipe to smoke by yourself, a metal pipe is perfect. 

If you are searching for a pipe that you can take with you while traveling, we recommend a metal pipe. It’s almost impossible to break a metal pipe, which makes them your perfect travel companion. 

Cool Metal Smoking Pipes

We offer many extra cool smoking pipes made from metal for those of you that do like metal pipes but don’t like their typical characteristic of heating up quickly. Look for the extra-long pipes, solid metal pipes, and pipes with a rubber or silicone mouthpiece on this page. An example of an extra cool metal pipe is the Budbomb. Make sure to check them out.

How To Clean A Metal Tobacco Pipe

For the most part, you can clean a metal pipe just like you would a glass one. Actually, because the metal is much tougher than glass, you can get even more vigorous with scraping and scrubbing your metal pipe. Be sure to remove any rubber or silicone mouthpieces or fittings before cleaning your metal pipe.

Q-Tips and pipe cleaners work well for routine cleaning. If something is particularly stubbornly stuck, you can use a small metal implement like a paperclip, wire, or pipe poker to scrape it out. For a deep clean, soak your metal pipe in isopropyl rubbing alcohol. That should dislodge anything stuck in there. You can also run hot water through the pipe to help keep things clean.