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Lookah is an online headshop offering premium design glass rigs, cool water pipes under our Lookah Glass and Tataoo Glass brands. They offer a stunning range of unique glass bongs, intricately hand-blown glass, and limited edition glass pieces. While all their glass pipes for sale are of the highest quality, they are not all expensive.

Lookah Dab Rigs

Each of their glass rigs is hand-blown and finished to the highest quality. Their dab rig kits are made from borosilicate glass which is designed to withstand high temperatures. This ensures heat will not lead to fractures and that you can enjoy years of pleasure.

Lookah Glass Water Bongs & Water Pipes

Lookah's glass bongs will place you in the big leagues. You'll be the envy of your friends with gorgeously crafted pieces of glasswork featuring intricate detail and psychedelic designs. 

The hand-made glassware from Lookah is produced in-house by skilled glassblowers and we have an extensive range of high-quality pipes from big bongs and scientific bongs to portable small bongs ideal for taking to a friend's place or party.

Bongs are made out of many different kinds of materials. At Lookah, they use durable borosilicate glass for our cool glass bongs and water pipes. They only offer premium quality bongs made from the highest grade borosilicate glass. There are plenty of cheap glass bong options for sale online at very affordable prices.

Lookah Vaporizers

Lookah offers a range of high-quality vaporizers for sale. These vaporizers are usually used with just one type of material as the activation and combustion point varies between dry herb, oil, e-juice, and wax concentrates. Others could be used for a range of different things such as an ejuice pen, CBD oil vape, hash pen , and dry herb device all in one. 

Weedipedia has the largest selection of Lookah bongs and water pipes, lots of accessories. Adding a flower bowl, quartz banger, or other accessories to your water pipe will help you get the most out of it. You can customize your pipe and make your smoking session epic by choosing from a variety of sizes and designs.

Frequently Asked Questions!

Is Lookah China glass?

Lookah Glass-China Lookah Glass Manufacturers & Suppliers Made in China.

What is a Lookah pen?

The Lookah Seahorse is a 2 in 1 dab pen that is like an electronic nectar collector.You can dab wax with the quarts or ceramic coil or switch the coil tip out with 510 cartridges.