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King Palm

About King Palm

King Palm is the best slow burning natural leaf on the planet. Made from 100% real palm leaf, these easy to use cone wraps are completely tobacco and chemical free. Enjoy hand-rolled natural leaves for those looking for the best slow burning natural leaf on the planet. King Palm leaves are chemical and preservative-free, they do not contain any artificial flavors and they contain zero glue.

The natural corn-husk filter will be one of the best filter tips you have ever used, it will help to make sure no loose tobacco will fall through and will also eliminate oils from getting into your mouth. The leaves of the King Palm blunt wraps are slow-burning and very resilient, plus they can be brushed with water for rehydration.

The King Palm Experience

The Cordia palm leaves the brand uses are the key to their success. Every one of King Palm handmade leaf wraps come pre-rolled for ultimate ease and accessibility. When smoked, these incredible palm leaves produce a slow, smooth-burning result that only King Palm organic wraps can provide.

These products don’t contain any tobacco, harsh chemicals, or glue, and with these all-natural ingredients, a cleaner smoke is just a light away. King Palm pre-rolled cones are simply as close to nature as it gets.

Products Quality

Many King Palm products are industry firsts. Their entire line of natural leaf rolls made waves when first put on the market due to their use of palm leaves and all-natural materials. Each one of these pre-rolled cones comes with an unprecedented cornhusk filter that customers quickly fell in love with, too.

King Palm designs these unique filters to give you a smooth, uninterrupted airflow. Now, King Palm has managed to personalize the smoking experience in ways that have never been done before with the release of their flavored tips.

These innovative flavored tips introduced the idea of putting added flavors into the joint filters of your wrap, not in the wrap itself. With these flavored-filled tips, you simply squeeze and pop the filter to activate subtle sweet flavors for every puff.

What is a king palm blunt?

King Palm blunt wraps are a cut above the rest. These wraps are made from naturally grown and harvested palm leaves that burn slow and at a lower temperature than tobacco blunts. Each King Palm has a natural corn husk filter that provides little drag but ideal filtration.

Are king palms bad for you?

King Palm Wraps Are Healthy Plus, much of the tobacco leaves grown for blunt wrap production are grown using chemicals and pesticides, meaning that the final product is contaminated. King Palm wraps have no such contaminants, making them easy on the lungs as well as good to smoke.

Are palm leaves safe to smoke?

Palm Leaves are a Healthier Option And because they don't contain dangerous tobacco, they offer a safer way to consume large doses of marijuana – especially in a group setting.

Our Collection 

Weedipedia's prides itself on only selling quality products. That’s why we stock King Palm products - their leaves are handpicked, cleaned with pure water, and hand-rolled. The leaves come all the way from the rainforests of Singapore.