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GRAV Dab Rigs

Grav Labs Glass Dab Rigs For Sale

Grav Labs began in Austin, Texas in 2004 with just one product, The Gravitron. They expanded their catalog from there, including original designs from firms such as Chameleon Glass and American Helix, among others. Collabs with artists such as Bear Mountain Studios, Jane West, and others have become more popular in recent years. Grav Labs Stax, Helix, and Upline are only a few of the items they design, produce, and sell. Grav Labs is a Chinese company that produces goods.

Grav Labs are the masters of glass, or technical manufacturers of glass, as the case might be. A worldwide reputation that is difficult to match. Built to last, incredibly practical, and as gorgeous as glass can get. Those in the know only and always use Grav glass. When Grav makes a water pipe/dab rig they know what they are doing. Built strong for a smooth and easy session. Oh, and so they don’t break easily either. Beautiful enough to display anywhere in your home, if that’s how you do things.

Why Use A Grav Labs Dab Rig? How Are They Different From Bongs?

You should buy a Grav Labs Water Pipe/ Dab Rigs. if you‘ve tried a pipe and found the smoke too harsh to inhale – but don’t want to pay the high cost or go through the headaches of owning a bong. The first thing you'll notice about the average dab rig is its compact size. When it comes to dab rigs, the old saying is true: It's not the size that counts! Grav Dab rigs tend to be on the smaller side for good reason. Since dabs don't use combustion, the vapor they produced requires a specific range of temperature for consumption. If the vapor is too hot, you'll burn off the terpenes in your concentrate ruining the flavor. If the vapor is too cold, it'll solidify before you can inhale it, covering the inside of your glass with wasted concentrate and robbing you of a dab. A smaller rig ensures quick airflow and a faster cooling time, so the vapor moves and cools quickly, but can't sit still long enough to over cool.

In fact, GRAV specifically creates miniature rigs only a few inches tall. Thanks to the scientifically calculated designs used in the water chambers and pathways, mini dab rigs provide a ton of flavor through a thick, dense vapor consistency.

Why do Grav dab rigs have such a high market value?

Grav rigs are stunning pieces of glassblowing art. They’re manufactured according to strict standards, and they can outlive you if you care properly for them. A Grav Labs Rig may have many small parts – often hand-blown – that must fit together perfectly without gaps. A poor fit can cause leaking or airflow problems, typically rendering the entire dab rig defective. The complexity of the work necessitates a higher selling price. Grav Labs does offer several glass rigs, however, that are quite affordable.

How to clean a Grav Labs Dab Rig

If you want your Grav Labs water pipe to outlive you, you need to keep it clean. If you have a  bong or oil rig, cleaning your rig is easy; just fill a large bowl with rubbing alcohol. Add some salt and allow your pipe to soak in the bowl for several hours. Since Wax residue is alcohol soluble, the alcohol dissolves the resins. After removing your water pipe from the quartz banger, rinse away any remaining residue with water.

If your glass rig has some hard-to-reach spaces, you can clean them with a soft bong cleaner dipped in alcohol. Give your rig a final rinse with filtered or distilled water before using it again.

What Grav Dab Rig Should You Purchase?

There are many aspects of the rig that go into selecting the correct dab rig for you. Aside from percolator type, you should take account of the size, base, features as well as look. Some Grav Dab rigs feature either detachable or fixed down stems, as well as other percolators, splash guards, and even water line markers. As a whole, dab rigs are made with 10mm, 14mm, and 18mm commonly sized joints. It is very significant to determine what size your water pipe is when purchasing parts such as Grav Labs bangers or accessories like the ash-catchers. Ensure to pay close attention to the angle of the joint as well. Grav Dab Rigs are made in many different shapes and sizes and therefore may have 45º or 90º joint angles.