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Glass Dab Rigs

Glass Dab Rigs

Dabbing is a relatively recent innovation, but how fucked up it gets you is timeless. Dab rigs are similar to bongs in that they both utilize water filtration, but a rig has several distinct features that make it unique for dabbing.

The first is the recycler function, which is almost entirely exclusive to dab rigs. This means that the rig has two chambers through which the water within alternates, allowing the smoke and vapor to be constantly cooled by water.

Oftentimes on dab rigs you will not find as many intricate or overly complicated percolation systems. This is because more percolation means more filtration-- which is not ideal with dabbing, because it diminishes the very delicate flavor profile. The other reason dab rigs sometimes do not contain a lot of percolation systems is because it simply makes the rig larger. A smaller rig is ideal because, again, you want to preserve the flavor profile as much as possible and the larger the rig, the staler the vapor.

How do “Dab Rigs” work? 

Although there are multiple types of dab rigs around, they all work basically in the same way. Dabbing is done by heating a concentrate nail. The nail/banger has to hit really high temperatures to be able to vaporize the concentrates. That’s why you use a torch to heat up the nail. To check if the nail has the right temperature you can place your hand about half an inch next to the nail. If it’s warm, but you can still hold your hand comfortably next to it’s probably on the right temperature. Always let your nail rest for about 15 seconds after heating it. A nail that is too hot can cause the concentrates to burn. 

When the nail is heated up you can use your dab tool to place your concentrates on the nail. Spread them out evenly to vaporize the contents nicely. When you’ve spread out your concentrates is time to seal off the room with a carb cab. 

When the system is closed it’s time to take a hit. The water in the dab rigs helps to filter the smoke that is inhaled. Making for a smooth hit full of flavor. After you’re done let the dab rig cool down and clean it before using it again. 

Benefits of Dab Rigs

Dab rigs are efficient and get you a smooth flavor. When using a carb cap you experience perfect hits at lower temperatures. The carb cap makes sure that your concentrates are evenly heated for more even vaporization of your concentrates.

The dab rig allows you to smoke with lower temperatures and can heat up your concentrates at higher concentrations. Of course, this will also result in a smoother flavor.

With the dag rig, you can also control the temperature better. This allows you to have the experience you want to have.

Best of all, due to the lower temperature, for a much smoother hit, that is gentle on the throat and lungs but still packs a punch.

Although we present you with a couple of smaller ones, dab rigs aren't known to be good travel companions. If you do like dabbing on the go we advise using a Nectar collector. 

This device is a pocket-size smoking device for smoking wax that cools down smoke using water just like a bong.

What to look for in a Dab Rig?

First of all, it’s good to consider when and where you’re going to use the dab rig. Do you want to travel with your dab rig or will you only use it at home?

Consider the thickness of the glass when choosing a dab rig. The thicker the glass, the less likely it will break. 

Look for a dab rig that fits your style. Lucky for you, Weedipedia has enough dab rigs to choose from. They come in a great variety of shapes, colors, and sizes.

If you don’t like playing with fire and towing around multiple tools for dabbing you can also buy a concentrate vaporizer. Concentrate vaporizers have a built-in system to help you vaporize the concentrates making it super easy to dab.