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Glass Bongs


Why Buy Glass Bongs?

Bongs or Water Pipes are every smoker’s best friend. They can produce pure and potent smoke from your products within minutes and make the entire process exceptionally easy. However, while there are tons of cheap, low-quality Bongs available on the market, GRAV gives you high-quality Glass Bongs at great prices.

We’re passionate about delivering the perfect glass pieces to all users. All of our glass bongs and Water Pipes are made with quality materials and designed to last. There are plenty of great reasons to buy a Glass Bong online from Weedipedia. 

Discover our curated selection of Bongs from high quality glass bongs. Weedipedia is an official retailer for leader brands in the bongs industry like GRAVEyceMJ ArsenalHigher StandardsEmpire GlassworksK. Haring Glass CollectionMarley NaturalKayd Mayd and many more. 

Expertly Made Hand Crafted Glass

When you buy a Bong, it’s important not to skimp on quality. While some users buy simple, plastic bongs, these often provide a subpar smoking experience and, what’s more, can even be unhealthy if you end up burning them. At Weedipedia, we offer the best glass bongs, each of which has been crafted by glass art experts.

Glass is the best material for water pipes, bongs or any other smoking device. It gives you smooth hits of smoke while also being strong and sturdy. What’s more, our pieces are designed to look great and feel amazing on your hands while still prioritizing your smoking experience, giving you nothing but quality.

Many stores sell mass-produced factory-made glass bongs. While these can work just fine, they’re often prone to cracking or breaking. Not to mention the bongs you find in stores have often collected dust over time. Each of our handcrafted bongs is made with high-quality materials, built-to-last, and will be sent to you clean and ready for a prime smoking experience.

Types of Bongs

You can find Water Pipes in all shapes and sizes and every user wants something different. Whether you need a portable Bong to take with you on your travels or a huge Big-Hitter Bong to get the strongest hits at home, we have a quality Glass Water Pipe to suit your needs.

Our products are available in all kinds of cool styles and colors. If you want something that stands out, check out our range of Colorful Bongs. You can even find Bongs that change color. If you need something portable, look at our range of Mini Bongs. Alternatively, if you’re looking for the biggest hits possible, check out our Big Bongs, designed to give you mindblowing rips.

If you want water pipes with extra features to give you an even more intense experience, we have a range of Scientific Bongs decked out with percolators, ice-catchers, and other features. You can even buy dab rigs online from us.

High-Quality Water Pipes At Affordable Prices

A Bong is an essential investment for any smoker, but with so many quality glass bongs costing a lot of money, it’s hard for some users to get the premium piece they need. At GRAV Glass, we offer some of the best Bongs at every price range to suit everybody.

All of our glass water pipes, bongs, dab rigs, and other pieces are carefully handcrafted to give you amazing hits and last you for a long time. However, that doesn’t mean you have to break the bank. 

Even our cheapest bongs are made with high-quality material so they’re built-to-last. But if you want to splash out on a luxury bong, we have plenty of high-end glass pieces to choose from too. Whichever way, you’ll be getting a quality product at a fair price- not to mention you get free First Class delivery.