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Genius Pipe


If you want to be smart about how you smoke, then a device called the “Genius Pipe” is probably a good place to start. It is a versatile device created for the consumption of flowers and oils that is used by modern consumers all over the world for its enhanced flavor and unique user experience.


  • Dimensions: 0.9"H x 6"L x 1.5"W
  • Not a vaporizer
  • Hard-anodized inlay
  • Anti-scratch finish


Having no liquid and no electronics translated into a deceptively simple device. The Genius Pipe is made from three rectangular-shaped pieces of anodized aluminum and steel held together with strong magnets. It measures six inches in length, making it truly pocket-sized and portable. The two main sections contain the dimples—2,000 of them, to be exact.

The pipe’s sliding cover features a Genius logo cutout and a round hole that can be slid forward to open the bowl for use, or back to close off the bowl. Closing the slider allows the user to store smoking material for later. It also instantly extinguishes the flame, so no flower is wasted after taking a hit. This feature means the Genius Pipe,  pays for itself very quickly with the money saved on previously wasted cannabis.

When the precision-cut pieces are snapped together, an air-flow route is created between the bowl and the mouthpiece (nothing more than a small slit at one end). The dimples not only cool the smoke, but also catch tar, oil, and sap. When the smoke finally reaches a user’s mouth and lungs, it is remarkably cool, smooth and cough-free.


      Genius Pipe is the next generation pipe which utilizes patented technology used in cooling nuclear reactors.

      Designed for maximum smoke draw and extreme cooling, Genius Pipe provides a healthy experience with lasting results every time.

      The Genius Pipe consists of three flat layers of magnetic anodized aluminum. There is the cover, the top, and the bottom. When the pipe has closed the top and the bottom form a cavity for the smoke to travel through that is covered in half spheres. These dimples create a large surface area inside the pipe and give the smoke more surface to deposit hard materials on.

      In other words, the inside of the pipe catches more tar and ash, so you don't inhale that. Along with the screen under the bowl, this is as smooth and as clean of a draw as you are ever going to get from a metal pipe. You'll need to grind your bud extra fine since the bowl is wide but not deep.

      We recommend taking slow draws from this pipe. It is surprisingly easy to pull from and you can over-hit it quickly leading to a harsh draw. Toke easy and you will have a great sesh.

      The design is intuitive, and operation is just like a regular pipe. However, this pipe has a cover. The cover not only seals in the smell of a fresh bowl pretty well, but it also gives you the option of exposing all or part of the bowl letting you take small or large hits to conserve your herb.


      Simple use

      All the pipes are quite easy-to-use. But the good news is that the Genius Pipe is easier to use than rolling a joint — you just slip the slides apart, put your weed in the net, light it, and start smoking, that’s all. The cleaning is also simple, but the problem is that you will have to clean your pipe quite often. We’ll cover this later

      Premium build quality and materials

      The Genius Pipe is made of aluminum, which is a perfect material for smoking pipes. According to the CDC, aluminum is a perfect material for such purposes — it’s just perfectly safe, and it’s totally non-toxic. It’s also a very strong material, which means it won’t break if dropped. And, well, you know that it’s what always happens with the pipes, so that’s what we can safely call a major advantage. It’s also about the build quality — the Genius Pipe looks like a very durable pipe, and multiple customers’ reviews prove this statement.


      It’s called a dry pipe because there is a water-less filtration system here. Genius Pipe has a waterless filter that cleans the smoke and cools it down. It’s all about the Vortex technology when the pipe is made of a lot of small spheres. The air moves around these spheres before it gets to the smoker, and it makes sense that the more the air mover, the colder it is. The smoke becomes cool, and the best news is that you won’t lose the taste of your weed — so if you wanna find a pipe that will allow you to feel 100% of the flavor, you should think about buying a Genius Pipe.

      Portable and compact design

      That’s another major advantage of dry pipes — they are small enough to be taken anywhere. Genius Pipe is the flattest thing you can buy (except for a joint, of course), and this fact makes it extremely portable — you don’t need to worry about spilling your weed here. It’s simple as that — you simply put this flat thing that weighs only 180 grams in your pocket and travel whenever you want.

      It doesn’t emit a weed smell

      Just to make it clear: Yes, there is an odor from this pipe after you smoke, but there are literally NO pipes without this problem. The good news is that the Genius Pipe emits almost no marijuana smell — it’s all about the innovative G-Stone sponge, designed by the Genius company. So you can take this device anywhere without worrying about the smell of your weed. That’s exactly what they call a stealth device.


      The thing that makes the Genius Pipe unique isn’t so much the flat design, although that certainly sets it apart from traditional herb pipes. What’s truly interesting about the Genius Pipe, though, is what you see on the inside when you disassemble the pipe’s magnetic components. Inside the pipe, you’ll see thousands of tiny dimples.

      The dimples cause the smoke to swirl inside the pipe, cooling the smoke and removing some of the heavy tars and resins. The maker of the Genius Pipe claims that the dimples give you the coolness of a water bong and the pure flavor of a direct flame pipe. Does it work? We’ll share our thoughts.


      • Separate the top from the bottom
      • Wipe with a dry cloth
      • Slap it back together

      Please do not use any professional pipe cleaners. The harsh chemicals they contain may ruin the beautiful look of your pipe.


      TruTaste Screen Replacement

      The two-tiered bowl is perfectly designed to hold any standard 0.75” screen. Genius TruTaste Screens install easily and provide sturdiness, durability are made to last

      The Genius G-Stone

      The G-Stone is a ceramic sponge that is completely inert.  This means it will not emit any smoke or vapor by itself.  Your concentrates are absorbed into the stone and once the temperature is hot enough, the concentrates vaporize inside.  

      Since there is no water to filter out the taste, the Genius Pipe combined with the G-Stone will give you an undiluted, tasty hit.  

      Users can enjoy the full flavor of their concentrates.  No rig, water, hot nails or torches are needed.

      Genius Party Bowl

      The Party Bowl locks right onto your Genius pipe to expand your bowl capacity by 4x. That's four times more party per bowl!

      The Genius Party Bowl still provides zero waste along with the same even burn.

      The sturdy attachment locks in tightly and can be easily removed when not needed.

      Looks amazing with superior craftsmanship and design worthy of Genius

      More recent additions to the line include the Genius Mini, which is exactly what it says: a smaller version of the original. They are the Genius Smell Proof Backpack, the Genius Survival kit, the Genius Party Bowl, and the Genius Water-Free Dab Rig.